Muskrat Falls

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Muskrat Falls

Time for a stand-alone Muskrat Falls thread - it's been discussed in multiple other threads.

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NunatuKavut council upset by preliminary work at Muskrat Falls


The community council is accusing Nalcor Energy of doing too much, without both required approvals and a sanctioning of the project by the provincial government.

Speaking at a news conference at the council’s offices in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NunatuKavut Community Council leader Todd Russell also accused the government and the project proponent of intentionally keeping the development work secret.

He pointed to a guarded security gate at an access road to the site. “We are denied entrance. Other members of the public are denied entrance,” Russell said.

He proceeded to go through a slideshow of images, suggesting the company has overstepped in its construction of access routes and preliminary site work.

Russell said the aboriginal rights of the people of the NunatuKavut land claim - yet to be accepted for negotiation by government - are being infringed upon, pointing to access to the site being denied to the council’s fishery guardians as an example.


This project has so many twists and turns it makes my head spinning. First, it was about making a bundle in exports to the northeastern US. But electricity wholesale markets collapbsed following the 2008 economic crisis and the emergence of shale gas in the Marcellus.

Then, it became about supplying the island (and Nova Scotia) with "cheap" electricity. But building two subsea HVDC powerlines (and a north-soudh power line across NF) increases the cost of the project. And giving away 20 per cent of the plant output over 35 years to Emera in exchange for building one leg of the transmission project, while making a federal loan guarantee for the whole project more palatable in Ottawa, is not very profitable for Nalcor.

Now, the rationale shifts again with Cathy Dunderdale's last speech to the Board of Trade. It's all about Labrador mining. If so, why keeping the subsea link as part of the project? Ditching the transmission part of MF would probably make the power generated competitive. Alderon's Kami project near the Labrador border requires 100-200 MW (up to a third of all energy generated at MF), that leaves little for the island or further mining development.

Like I said, my head is spinning.


November has been a good month for cartooning the NS NDP government. Without scandals even.

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Good one, Ken!  Laughing

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On CBC now: Harper to announce loan guarantees for the Muskrat Falls project.

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CBC's Terry Mileski is on P&P right now saying Peter Penashue and his brother may be in a massive conflict of interest and stand to financially gain from the Muskrat Falls project. Where's the damned popcorn???

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On CBC right now: PQ opposes loan guarantee, calls it a 'grant'.

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On CBC last night: "NL says Muskrat Falls project to proceed".

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On CBC: "MP Peter Penashue's mother calls project 'destructive'".