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NB NDP leadership race

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Webby66, your rant sounds like a plea for democratic centralism.

My post which you seem to be ranting about lays out the situation as it currently stands. Now whether you like that current state of affairs is solely your problem.

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Caissa wrote:

Webby66, your rant sounds like a plea for democratic centralism.

My post which you seem to be ranting about lays out the situation as it currently stands. Now whether you like that current state of affairs is solely your problem.


ummm call it whatever you need to deflect from the actual points made, but I wouldn't expect anything else from you or anyone else likeminded.

I believe you are talking about the situation as it exists in the minds of 2-3 mentally deluded people from four months ago.

This is ridiculous. 

Ps. If your "candidate" is who I've heard rumours of it being. Good luck with that!! :)

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It's hard to answer your questions, Webby66. The first is rhetorical.

Your second paragraph is a statement of your thoughts on those who don't recognize Cardy as having become leader in a proper manner.

Yes, there are individuals in the party to the left of Cardy. They aren't Marxists. Cardy has been clear where he stands on the issues since he was the primary arvhitect of the last campaign which branded the party as the "voice of the middle class".

The end goal is to have a candidate ready to hit the ground running at any time in the future when the position of leader might be vacant.

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Having a leadership candidate ready to hit the ground running a few months after getting a new leader is, quite frankly, presumptuous and crass. If you and the two others who think like you actually cared about the Party, you'd support the current leader until such a time presents itself for a new leader. Anyone who pretends to actually care about a party knows and gets this. Already having a candidate is selfish. Do work first. Also, please explain to me what is so decidedly not "left-wing" about the last platform? Is it the wording that is so insensitive or actual policies. If its a slogan, then that's ridiculous. Tell me some policies that aren't left-wing enough, or is it just the language used?

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Dominic Cardy wrote:
Rumours and the truth
More skills to take us from ignored to adored.

A lot of misinformation gets spread around during an election campaign. It's important to know the truth about the candidates when you vote.

Heard a rumour about Dominic not addressed on this page? Please let us know.
Rumour: Dominic wants to make the NDP like the Liberals and Conservatives.

Dominic answers: There are people spreading this story and it looks like you may have spoken to one. No, I do not want to make the NDP like the Liberals and Conservatives. I am a New Democrat. A social democrat. I have been an NDP activist since 1989. I am a New Democrat because I love our party's principles. I will never change those principles: social justice, equality of opportunity, giving every citizen the ability to fully participate in a strong democracy.

My priorities are to improve literacy, health care, education and to defend our front-line public services. So everyone in New Brunswick has an equal chance to do well in life. In short, I want social justice. We need good jobs and a strong economy to make the province rich enough to afford the social programs we need.

As provincial campaign director, I led the development of our provincial election platform last fall. I stand behind that platform. It reflects my values and principles. If you agreed with that platform, then you share my values and principles.

My priorities are to improve literacy, health care, education and other social programs, so that everyone in New Brunswick has an equal chance to do well in life. In short, social justice. We need good jobs and a strong economy to make the province rich enough to afford good social programs.

Our social programs are weaker than in the rest of Canada because we have not had a strong NDP to influence change. The Liberals and Conservatives have had no reason to change their comfortable, corrupt way of doing business. No strong NDP means the Liberals and Conservatives can continue to spend money on handouts to their well-connected friends, instead of giving everyone an equal chance.

For more detail on all of my policy positions, please see the policy page of this website. You'll see a plan to build the NDP, and change our province.

If you elect me as leader I will make our campaigns and media presentation more professional. To get voters to take us seriously as an alternative, we have to show them that we are professional, like Jack Layton has done as leader of Canada's NDP. This doesn't make us like the Liberals and Conservatives, it makes us a real political party. Communicating is what political parties do. The provincial campaign that I directed last fall was one of the best-organized, media-savvy and professional campaigns the New Brunswick NDP has ever had. I know we can do even better next time. As leader, I will use my political experience and media skills to keep the party in the public eye for the next four years and build an even better provincial election campaign in 2014.
Rumour: Dominic came up with the "Voice of Middle Class Families" slogan for the last election because he wants to move the NDP to the right and forget about the poor.

Dominic answers: I am a New Democrat precisely because social justice, helping people out of poverty and giving everyone an equal chance to do well in life are my most deeply held values. I do not want to move our party to the right, I want all the people who identify as middle-class, and that includes people earning $10,000 a year to $120,000 a year or more, to support the NDP, so we can build and fund social programs that will make our province more equal, richer, and a better place for everyone.

It is also important to point out that Jack Layton and the federal NDP have been using the "middle class families" slogan since 2008 and it's been used by social democrats around the world. It set us apart from the Conservatives and Liberals, because they only govern for the well-connected few. New Democrats are for the many, people who just want a fair chance to do well in life. Jack made the point very well in a speech last fall called "Putting the middle class recovery before wedge politics."

Rumour: Dominic is anti-labour.

Dominic answers: I am a strong supporter of trade unions and fair labour laws. My campaign is backed by prominent trade unionists like David Brown, Executive Director of the New Brunswick Nurses Union, Armel Chiasson, President of the Canadian Auto Workers local union at FN Fisheries in Shippigan, and Bill Evans, President of a Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) local at Mount Allison University in Sackville. Click here and you can see lots more trade union activists who share my vision for the NDP and the province.

More former NDP candidates with union backgrounds are supporting me than support my opponent. Our vision is to work together to build an independent, inclusive and democratic NDP that attracts people from all walks of life: union and non-union; women and men; north, south, east and west; Anglophones, Francophones and First Nations people.

Everyone who is being left behind by the corrupt old-style politics of the Conservatives and Liberals should have an equal place in our party.

I stand for a truly democratic and inclusive NDP, one where everyone can join and have an equal voice. That means union members who share our vision are welcome, but unions should not have special status.

In this election, the executive of the New Brunswick Federation of Labour and the Canadian Union of Public Employees endorsed my opponent without even asking my position on labour issues. This was a decision made based on the recommendation of the Federation of Labour's ‘Political Action Committee', a committee headed by my opponent's co-campaign manager!

The Federation of Labour and CUPE had been critical of the NDP campaign against supersized MLA pensions during the election campaign. As one CUPE leader said to me "pensions should be as high as actuarial tables allow". I don't agree, and neither did the NDP provincial council that approved our platform. Unfortunately, CUPE tried to strong arm the NDP into changing its democratically decided position on supersized MLA pensions. As campaign director, I stood up to their bullying. As leader, I will refuse any effort by any person or organization to subvert the democratic decisions made by the party. Full stop.

It's this sort of decision that makes people cynical about unions, and about politics and government. If we are going to change the way New Brunswick works, and stop corporations from making decisions in their own self-interest, then we can't let a progressive party be pushed around by anyone: be it a union, a corporation, or any other rich and powerful organization.

More former NDP candidates with union backgrounds are supporting me than are supporting my opponent. Our vision is to work together to build an independent, inclusive and democratic NDP that attracts people from all walks of life: union and non-union; women and men; north, south, east and west; Anglophones, Francophones and First Nations people. Everyone who is being left behind by the corrupt old-style politics of the Conservatives and Liberals should have an equal place in our party.

Instead of saying herp derp he is third way, have you tried sending him a letter asking about it or an email?

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This has to be good news for the NBNDP, no matter who the leader is and for now its Dominic

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sooo, I'm hearing rumours that Pierre Cyr has been expelled from the party but haven't been able to confirm, has anyone heard anything?

Wilf Day
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I'm not interested in rumours. Pierre Cyr's Facebook page says:
My immediate projects:

1) 75 st anniversary celebration of CUSO-VSO in Sackville, N.B on October 1st, 2011, I will give a conference on my international experiences during the 90's.

2) Trip to Eastern Europe with Denise and a friend fron Ontario; we wil visit Poland, Hungary, Austria, etc.. from mid-October. we will be back on mid-November, 2011.

3) Reading and writing (working on a novel and certain short stories) upon return and publication of a chronical on NB NDP party, on my political and societal vision of N.B., and on certain facts surrounding my active political life between 2010 and 2011.

4) Preparation for our eventual leaving of Canada in 2012-2013.

No hint of any expulsion.

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not to mention that no one has ever been expelled from the NDP for anything remotely like this. anywhere. let alone in new brunswick.

people do go away from feeling unwelcome. and, there is no small amount of that which is a by-product of leadership selections. and in my experience, there are generally at least some compelling reasons for the individual to have taken it that way.

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According to his Facebook status, Dominic cardy is getting married tomorrow.

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Posted by Pierre Cyr on Facebook today:

  Je suis devenu, par la force des choses, un indésirable, un canadien privé de ses droits les plus fondamentaux par les dirigeants du NPD-N.-B. Plus de droit d'appel sur mon expulsion du parti, pas le droit à l'information, à savoir pourquoi j'ai été expulsé du parti...On ne répond plus à mes questions....Dois-je vérifier auprès d'Élection N.-B. pour savoir si la Loi Électorale du N.-B. (régissant... la démocratie au sein des partis politiques au N.-B.) permet ce genre d'attitude que déploye le NPD du N.-B à mon égard ? ou aller tous simplement aux droits de l'homme? ...La direction du NPD-N.-B. serait-elle devenu unilingue; ne respectant plus le bilinguisme officiel dans notre province?...

J'ai écrit une lettre en français au Président du Parti, M. Leigh Sprague pour avoir de l'information sur la possibilité d'aller en appel (j'ai été expulsé du parti sans que j'en connaisse les raisons) et c'est une inconnue unilingue anglophone qui a répondu à ma lettre (au lieu du président) sans répondre à mes en anglais seulement s'il vous plait. Je comprend l'anglais (l'affont n'est pas là), le français et l'espagnol...mais dans ce cas-ci, j'aurais espéré un peu plus de considération de la part du Président puisque c'est lui qui m'avait annoncé la nouvelle de mon expulsion.... Le Président du Parti, Mr. Leigh Sprague (à qui ma lettre était adressée) ne répond-il plus aux lettres des citoyens du Nouveau-Brunswick?...On me prive de mon droit à l'information, en anglais seulement..ça commence à sentir la discrimination ou l'incompétence....non? Je suis un acadien...serais-je privé de mes droits les plus fondamentaux ... Va-t-on s'excuser comme c'est l'habitude dans de tels cas ?...Le bilinguisme serait-il devenu inexistant au sein de la gang dirigeante du NPD N.-B. ou depuis la proclamation de leur nouveau chef (non-élu), M. Dominic Cardy?

Je pars pour l'Europe dans une semaine; ça augure bien pour mon N.-B. vers la sens que l'hivers sera chaud pour ceux (les dirigeants) qui ne font toujours rien pour aider le parti NPD-N-B., Parti que je supporte toujours dans mon coeur, étant un social-démocrate...Hasta luego!!!

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Here is a copy of the text that was presented to provincial council. There are also 13 pages of footnotes to this. If anyone is interested, I will certainly email you the whole document. Just pm me.


The Executive of the NBNDP endorsed a Resolution that recommended the expulsion of Pierre Cyr.

The Resolution stated in part:

Mr. Pierre Cyr, has (1) violated the party's policies on harassment and discrimination and (2) within
the party, in the media, and to the general public, between October 2010 and July 2011, through
formal and informal communications, sought to bring the NBNDP, its officials and members into
disrepute through (a) the circulation of untruths, libels, and other unsubstantiated allegations,
including unsubstantiated allegations of criminal behaviour, against the NBNDP and its officials
and members; (b) the use of inappropriate, discriminatory, and sexist language; (c) tampering with
and misrepresenting documentation related to conflicts between Mr. Cyr and the NBNDP and; (d)
harassment towards staff and volunteers of the NBNDP by Mr. Cyr.
In order to investigate the charges, the Disciplinary Committee accumulated and reviewed over 650 pages of documentation and interviewed the following individuals:
John Gagnon Wayne Dryer
Stephen Beam Leigh Sprague
Marshall Tremblay Dominic Cardy
The Disciplinary Committee regrets that it was unable to meet Pierre Cyr's terms of interview. Mr. Cyr's requirement for a solitary interview with Jean Dickson and no other committee member would have undercut the neutrality required of the committee. Mr. Cyr declined to be interviewed by the committee body as a whole. During its deliberation, the committee heard comments that the decision in the case of Pierre Cyr should take into consideration what some members might do if Pierre Cyr was expelled or if he retained membership in the NBNDP. We reject making a decision based on external factors and/or fear. The committee has reached its decision based on evidence, testimony, and substantiated actions. Members of the NBNDP are both intelligent and concerned with fairness. Therefore, based on the accompanying documentation that Mr. Cyr has not made public, we believe most Party members will agree with the Committee's decision.  Based upon the evidence which forms the major part of this report, we find the following:

Harassed staff and volunteers of the NBNDP.
The Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick states the following
regarding harassment on their website: "Any activity which degrades or devalues others can violate
an employee's rights even if he or she is not the intended victim. For example, sexist remarks can
create a hostile or offensive workplace for all employees, even if they are not made in the presence
of women. This is called a "poisoned" work environment ... Harassment is usually on-going
offensive behaviour which does not stop after the individual is told that the behaviour is upsetting
another employee."
Staff and volunteers were subjected to multiple aggressive emails and conversations from both Mr.
Cyr and one member of his team that repeatedly alluded that the staff/volunteers couldn't be
trusted, they had biases, and they were acting in inappropriate ways towards the Cyr campaign.
Not all incidents were electronic. In a meeting on February 17, 2010, Pierre Cyr and John Gagnon
repeatedly asked Stephen Beam to process Cyr's leadership application and would not listen to
either Stephen Beam or Marshall Tremblay's explanation of why Beam could not immediately
approve Pierre Cyr's application or immediately process over 100 PACs.
The resolution does not deal with members of the Cyr team other than Pierre Cyr himself.
Considering Pierre Cyr alone, many of his communications to and about the NBNDP volunteers
and staff can certainly be termed hostile as threats of legal action and accusations of bias are
repeatedly and early mentioned without being backed up with evidence. The behaviour was
repeated despite requests.

The Committee believes the constant strain of being accused of bias with allegations that were not
brought forward by Cyr or his team to the Executive was a form of harassment not appropriate in
a professional organization. Shouting at volunteers and staff is not acceptable. Neither is
demeaning the professionalism of volunteers and creating a work environment that discourages
participation through continued allegations of bias that are not backed up with documentation and
brought before the leadership. Neither is dismissing explanations provided for procedure or
dismissing explanations of legislative compliance required within a professional organization.
The Committee commends both Stephen Beam and Marshall Tremblay for the patient,
professional and respectful service they provided the Cyr team.

Violated the party 's policies on harassment and discrimination.
The NBNDP Anti-Harassment/Anti-Discrimination Policy has not been technically violated in
that no formal complaints against Mr. Cyr were made within the designated seven day time limit.
However, it should be noted that Stephen Beam wrote Pierre Cyr a letter immediately following an
incident and Mr. Cyr did not deny the behaviour but instead minimized it.
While the Policy was not technically violated, the NBNDP Anti-Harassment/Anti-Discrimination
Policy states that its foundation is a mutual treatment of respect and dignity.
There were numerous times where NDP members were not treated with respect or accorded dignity by Mr.Cyr and if a formal complaint had been made within the allotted time span, the Committee may have found that Mr. Cyr violated the Anti-Harassment/Anti-Discrimination Policy. Circulated untruths, libels, and other unsubstantiated allegations, including
unsubstantiated allegations of criminal behaviour, against the NBNDP and its officials and members.
Mr. Cyr provided allegations of wrong doing on the part of the NBNDP, its official and its members that were not substantiated.

In his report, Cyr also made numerous public statements purporting to be factual that negatively portrayed individuals in key roles within the NBNDP. He did not support these statements with documentation. Used inappropriate, discriminatory, and sexist language. There were several accounts in Pierre Cyr's blog and Facebook where language was used that was contrary to NDP values. Among the items were a derogatory term for homosexuals and Cyr telling a female member "Retourne à l'école pour apprendre la manière de vivre avec les gens biens et intelligents, [ name removed ]" because she repeatedly asked him to substantiate public statements made on Facebook. A male member who also made similar requests in a direct manner was not
treated disdainfully.

Tampered with and misrepresented documentation related to conflicts between Mr. Cyr and the NBNDP. Mr. Cyr removed several key pieces of information from his blog. His motivation for removing these items may have been to remove items that he realized were inappropriate for a previous NDP leadership candidate. Or it may not have been. Regardless of his motivation, Mr. Cyr mentioned on Facebook that he would be writing a report and would be telling the truth in his report.

By removing the information from his blog, Mr. Cyr removed the ability for NDP members to judge for themselves the validity of the NBNDP leadership process and the truth of Cyr's allegations. This is the heart of the tampering with evidence allegation. Mr. Cyr also frequently stated that he was considering legal action against the NBNDP, had made previous private and public statements of legal action and had even noted the importance of legal evidence. As such, Mr. Cyr provided proof that he was aware of the importance of any and all documentation that could be used as legal evidence. As such, it is highly likely that Mr. Cyr realized that removing documentation could negatively affect the ability of the NBNDP and its leadership to defend themselves and also negatively sway public opinion.

The Committee conducted a paragraph by paragraph examination of the claims in Pierre Cyr's report (English translation). The analysis reveals a multitude of statements that misrepresent the actions of the NBNDP, its officials and its members through techniques such as concealment (omitting key information), misdirection or diversion, evasion, minimization (when an individual asserts their actions were not as harmful or irresponsible as stated), and projecting blame. Mr. Cyr has repeatedly and significantly misrepresented documentation relating to the conflicts in his report. 

The Committee, having examined and compiled extensive evidence, supports the Resolution to expel Pierre Cyr from the NBNDP membership. At the same time, we regret that Cyr's actions have led to this decision and sincerely wish Mr. Cyr had expressed his concerns within proper channels after first questioning whether his assumptions of conspiracy and bias were wrong. Unfortunately, Mr. Cyr appeared to only look for information that verified his assertions of bias and corruption and didn't appear to look
for evidence disproving his assumptions. After extensive deliberation and investigation, the Committee has recommended Pierre Cyr's expulsion based largely upon what the Committee views as the most egregious of the issues:

• Mr. Cyr's repeated and significant public misrepresenting of documentation and actions which brought the Party's leadership, volunteers, and staff into disrepute. Despite being often corrected on Facebook, Cyr repeatedly posted inaccurate statements regarding his disqualification. An examination of Cyr's report which he made public reveals substantial statements that are not
substantiated and do not correctly represent the documentation;

• Mr. Cyr's actions in bringing policy disputes before the media without even what could be termed an elementary attempt to resolve these issues internally.

As one of Cyr's team members commented, within a work situation people should solve problems within the smallest circle possible, not the largest. If they can't resolve the issue in the smallest circle, they move to the next circle. Mr. Cyr jumped prematurely to the largest circle without first having seriously explored options within the smallest circle or next larger one.

Mr. Cyr made a choice to bypass proper Party process when he made his report public. He also refused to take part in Party process by finding excuses not to attend meetings and wanting fundamental Party processes altered to accommodate him. For perspective, Pierre Cyr himself claimed members should be expelled from the Party for pointing out that he had plagiarized a testimonial on his Facebook page. He stated that those suspected of hurting the Party should be expelled.

Additionally, Cyr went public with inaccurate and incomplete information, even while professing that he
was interested in resolving the matter internally.

Cyr knew the correct process. Cyr was advised by several individuals, including people in his own camp, to resolve issues internally. He was told in writing that a Resolution for Expulsion would be the result of taking inaccurate information public instead of resolving issues internally. Cyr chose to go public, and by doing so showed a blatant disregard of Party process and disrespect for the NBNDP. Within his report, by continuing to claim conspiracy on issues that had been brought before Council and voted upon, Cyr has shown a repeated willingness to disregard democracy and drive division.

As a result of all of the above reasons, the Committee recommends that Pierre Cyr's expulsion from the NBNDP be permanent.

Jean Dickson, Chair NBNDP Disciplinary Committee 

DATE: September 22, 2011

for Jean Dickson; Hélène Lapointe; Jesse Travis; Doug Mullin
Sébastien Duke abstains as he was unable to attend the Disciplinary Committee meeting

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Posted on Facebook by Pierre Cyr:

Je demande une lettre officielle de M. Dominic Cardy. chef (non-élu) du NPD-N.-B ou de M. Leigh Sprague, président du NPD du N.-B. qui puisse démontrer et expliquer au public des preuvres tangibles qui auraient été utilisées ou démontrées devant le Conseil Provincial pour justifier mon expulsion (pas seulement les fausses allégation ou les fausses accusations qu,ils ont utilisées) du parti NPD du N.-B. D'autres interlocuteurs, tesl M. Matt Doherty et M. Jesse Travis sont des supporteurs inconditionnels du clan, ou ils font parti de la gang qui ont pris la direction du parti NPD du N.-B. Ces gens-là, de part leur affiliation, n'ont aucuns point de vue objectif à apporter au débat. Ce fut le cas pour le Conseil de Discipline (sur lequel siègeait M. Jessy Travis et Mad. Hélène lapointe qui tous les deux m'avaient porté préjudice auparavant--mensonge, médisance et calomnie). Ce comité, sans neutralité, fut formé arbitrairement par le président du parti et ....qui d'autres. Je saurai démontrer en temps et lieu ma vérité sur ce complot, sur cette conspiration de la part de ces individus. Le tout a commencé avec une tentative de m'extirper $3000,00 des fonds de ma campagne électorale suivi de deux téléphones (tentative d'intimidation) de Dominic Cardy au début de la campagne électorale en août, 2010. Comme si au NPD-du N.-B. on a agit comme en grande famille dans mon cas. On avait raison de vouloir mon expulsion. Peut-être étais-je trop au courrant d''information importante sur la gestion des finances du parti ou de certains incidents pas trop catholiques...Voilà pourquoi j'ai demandé dans mon rapport sur la chefferie une enquête interne et exausive surcertains évènements au Parti entre décembre 2009 et mars 2011... Pourquoi ne pas avoir permis cette enquête?

Ken Burch
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Just read that via Bing Translator.  What did Cyr mean by "two Catholic incidents"?

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Ken Burch wrote:

Just read that via Bing Translator.  What did Cyr mean by "two Catholic incidents"?

The turn of phrase is a little odd, but the reference is more accurately to a couple of "not very catholic incidents". Which I would interpret (rather than translate) as to incidents not in keeping with official church creed or teachings. Or in this context, not in keeping with NDP policy or practice.

But nothing to do with the Roman Catholic Church, per se - would be my reading. 

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delete -- I posted in wrong forum

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