Breaking news! Archie Andrews to propose to Veronica!

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Breaking news! Archie Andrews to propose to Veronica!

This made the CBC news this morning - after 65 years, Archie decides to settle down with that awful Veronica instead of Betty. Frown  I first picked one of these comics up around 1958, and occasionally read one when I`m at the dentist`s office or waiting at the hospital. I think Jughead and Reggie are still single. I always thought Archie would end up with Betty, and Reggie with Veronica. Only took 50+ years to find out he had the hots for Veronica all along!


I always preferred Betty. Veronica is high maintenance.

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My daughter started looking at Archie comics recently.  We had a nice little discussion about the games Archie plays and the gullibility of the girls.  Upshot:  They should both walk.  Obviously, having his cake and eating it too has been a bigger priority than either girlfriend. 

When a man in indecisive, it means he doesn't want you bad enough and deserves to be kicked to the curb.

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I'm simply incredulous that he's going to marry that rich slut Veronica instead.


I would agree that Betty always seemed a better fit for Archie.  But, uh, what makes Veronica a "slut"?


I wasn't aware Archie was socially relevant anymore...Does CBC still run headlines outlining Betty Boop's escapades too?

I always preferred Betty. Veronica is high maintenance.

As long as it's Veronica's dad paying for it, does it really matter? :P


I agree, Betty was always portrayed as the rightful, faithful choice. Veronica was always playing Archie. Using him for various favours, errands, rides in his jalopy. Archie was always the faithful standby for Veronica, as Betty was for Archie. If our pop culture morals and ethics serve us correctly, it's the wrong choice. Maybe she'll turn him down.



She'll turn him down and marry Reggie.


Maybe we'll get to see divorce proceedings Archie style.


I agree, Betty was always portrayed as the rightful, faithful choice.

Just like a good wife should be. Archie was always one of the worst for Patriarchal overtones.

martin dufresne

I like Jughead.


Archie and Veronica deserve each other. Anyway, I'm told Betty was booted out of the parade when she was discovered staffing an Apartheid Week table.





One of my favourite things about having an 8 year old is being able to just buy Archie comics so's we can read together.    Quere:  Do Josie and Pussycats live in Riverdale?  They never seem to cross paths with the Archie universe (although Sabrina does make the occasional appearance). 


And then, recently I was reminded of Katy Keane.  These were Archie comics that Ms. Keane solving mysteries.  We could never buy/find them here but they were advertised in the Archie books.  Apparently, she's made some kind of comeback, recently.  I guess if they don't live in a no-fault state, Katy can gather evidence of Archie's escapades with Betty for the divorce proceedings.



It's a set up.  Veronica is headed for a story line where she has a run in with the Crypt Keeper, where she ends up in a 17th century insane asylum, with Archie and Betty living happily ever after on the Veronica's inheritance.



Also: can we please not call women, even fictional women, "sluts"?  That would be awesome.

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I feel so despondent over this news. Betty and Archie seemed like such a natural match that I`m simply incredulous that he`s going to marry that outrageously  rich Veronica instead. The world has truly  come to an end. Frown


Archie's got it figgured out. He marries the rich girl, and has Betty as his goomah. Win/win.


Mr. Lodge is arranging for Archie's "disappearance" as we speak.  Veronica and Reggie will marry to keep all that money within their class, but she'll be seeing a lot of Moose.

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Moose! I had forgotten about him. BTW, what kind of cap/hat is Jughead wearing? It looks like some kind of crown albeit in very dilapidated condition.

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Oops! I`ve been out in the garden all afternoon, and that`s why I didn`t respond earlier. I`ve edited my post to take out the offending word, and I apologise for using it.Embarassed


Good heavens - we`re talking about Archie`s divorce as if it`s inevitable already!!!LaughingLaughing

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The only CBC link I could find was this:


Archie's getting married. Who will it be - Betty or Veronica?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           (from: Friday, May 22, 2009 | 01:47 PM ET)


Question: who is CBC's "Deep Throat" who was able to confirm today on CBC Newsworld that Archie is indeed going to pop the question to Veronica? Undecided


BTW, what kind of cap/hat is Jughead wearing? It looks like some kind of crown albeit in very dilapidated condition.

I think that's 50's kitch, or maybe even 40's?  My brother had one when he was a kid.  Didn't.... what were they callled.... Bowery Boys?  didn't one of them have a hat like that?  Or am I thinking of Leo Gorcey with the upturned visor?  Wikipedia, here I come...


Jughead is almost always seen wearing his trademark gray crown beanie. This type of crown-shaped cap often puzzles modern readers, but caps like this were popular among boys in the 1930s and 1940s. It was made from a man's felt fedora hat with the brim trimmed in a zig-zag and turned up. In the 1920s and 1930s, such caps usually indicated the wearer was a mechanic[citation needed]; Goober Pyle from The Andy Griffith Show (who worked at the local gas station) wore a similar cap. The thug played by Jeff Goldblum in Death Wish also wears a similar beanie. Jughead's beanie was recolored in black when he appeared in the Filmation cartoons. In The New Archies, his beanie was recolored pink.

The dot and dash that adorn his hat constitute the Morse code symbol for the letter "A".


There's a guy at work, a few years senior to me, who was nicknamed "jughead" on his first day of work, 30 years ago.  It stuck like glue.   When people are miffed with him for this reason or that, he's "jughead".    When not miffed, he's affectionately known as "Juggy".  

While he doesn't exactly look like "Jughead" if you saw him, you'd get it.