Do we let provocative behavior going too far?

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Do we let provocative behavior going too far?

In name of art, do we let artist and media going to far, recently i found on the french media an article about a video published on the who put in scene and 13 year old who beavior where similar that the one used in erotic industries. The autor were from prada fashion house also catchfire found an article about an publicity poster from an hairdresser the image where putting in scene a beated up wives sit on soffa with her husban standing behind in a domination position.

In a historical perspective, provocation had alway been there, mostly used to resist again the local moral authority. At that time the provocation were mostly, not to say exclusively, related to some sort of exibitionism ( from a shoulder in the 1900 to today adam and eve suits). But today with the sexual freedom and the internet most people are no longer shock of seeing an nacked body. So if getting in the nude doesn't shock anymore, what else to do?

Some artist decide to goes the other way and dress in fetish dress or use a lot of persing and other found an "answer" by exposing shocking behavior.

As long provocation remain perce, dress, undress, it is mostly armless.
But exposing odd disfontionnal behavior like conjugal violence or pedophelia don't have the same consequense. Some people who already got some problem might find some sort of encouragement to perform such act rather that getting a therapy in order to control there deviance.