Don Cherry sings a hit!

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Don Cherry sings a hit!


The Night They Drove New Dixie Down!  Sung by 'Don Cherry' (in loud/ fake tough guy voce)

Don Von Grapes is the name and I served on the Wannsee train

 'Til Zhukov's cavalry came and tore everything up again!

   In the winter of '45, we were hungry and barely alive

   By May the seventh, Berlin had fell

   it's a time I remember oh so well!

The night they drove new Dixie down

   and the bombs were falling

   the night they drove old Hitler down

  The people were calling!

  'Sha-lala la la la lah...

   Nana nah nana na na nah!'


 Back with my wife in Bavaria, when one day she called to me

  "Don Juan, quick come see, there goes George Bush's granddaddy!'!

    now I don't mind cracking worker heads, and I

    don't care if money's only war spent...

    you take all ya need and throw out the rest

    But they should never have taken away poor Rudolph Hess!

The night they drove old Hitler down

   and the bombs were killing

   The night they drove new Dixie down

   all the children were singing

   They went 'La, lalala la la

   nana na na nananah!'


Like my father before me

   I was a very rich gent

  And like my brother before me, who took a fascist stand

  He was just forty three, proud depraved, but a commie laid him in his grave

  I swear by the mud people under my feet

  You can't raise a Grape when he's trying to get something free!

The night they drove New Dixie down

  and the bombs were winging

  The night they drove old Hitler down

   the kids were all singing

  They went 'La, lala la la la!'

   'Na, nana nah nah nah!

   nana nah Nana nah nah nah!


Finally, in 1989, de Fuhrer  came back

  With reagan's help, the Soviets fell!

  the Revolution was crushed, defeated forever!

  And fascism was back in the drivers' seat!

  The night they drove the USSR down

  No one was singing

  The night the great Revolution was ended

  The people were crying

They went 'no no no no no no!

 nah nah nah nah nah nana nah!'

" (And they can all just go to hell!) "  says Her Grapes


With 911 celebrations of fascism's astounding victory over liberal democracy filling news media, the 'Night/drove/Dixie' song needs updating, i thin......nazism victory in WW2 had to wait until the old guys were all gone (except milk fed upper class twits, who seem to live til 100 years old) but it's obvious what the fascists were doing entire time-see 'JFK' ...heres a ruling class man, Mr Evelyn Waugh,  mocking a Somali child in his book 'When the going was Good' published by Penguin, 1951:

 'One unifying influence among the diverse cultures...was the Aden troop of Boy Scouts....The scoutmaster, and English commercial agent, invited me to attend one of these meetings. Test were in progress for Tenderfoot and other badges... The acquiring of badges is the primary concern in the Aden troop... Some of the children had their arms well covered with decorations. "WE generally let them pass after 3rd/4th attempt" the scoutmaster explained ' it discourages them to fail too often" "Of course, it isn't like dealing with English school boys" said the scoutmaster "if one isn't sharp, they put parafin on the matchsticks" (and burn themselves!)...Later a Somali boy presented himself for examination in scout law. "First scoot law, a scoot's honour iss to be trust second scoot law....' etcetera, all in one breath.

"Very good, Abdul, now tell me what does thrifty mean?"

'Trifty min?' 

'Yes, what do you mean when you say a scout is thrifty?"

"I mean a scoot hass no money.'

"Well, that's more or less right, what does 'clean' mean?"

'"Clin min?"

"Yes, you said blah blah...'

"Yis, a scoot iss clin'

"well, what do you mean by that?"

'I mean tought, worden deed'...

"yes, well what do you mean by clean?"

(WAUGH then writes that, 'both parties in this dialog seemed to be losing confidence in the other's intelligence')



it's heartbreaking to think these bastards won



better yet, don cherry's own rap video!

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milo204 wrote:


better yet, don cherry's own rap video!

What a cornball...Quintessential con.

Lachine Scot

milo204 wrote:


better yet, don cherry's own rap video!

God, that was painful to watch!

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I can't comment on Mr. Cherry, because I don't like usingthat sort of language.