hey Michelle......

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hey Michelle......




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my teeth are aching....


Michelle is a Scorpio? Well, that explains everything.


According to that cake, she is either 18 (I'm counting pins) or 25 (icing). That would explain even more.


Happy Birthday, kiddo!






Happy Birthday, Michelle.

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Happy Birthday Michelle.   Scorpio.  Cool


Happy Birfday.


Hippo birdy two ewes




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Happy Birthday Michelle. Enjoy the cake.

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Do you think she will take it the right way if I were to suggest cutting her in half and counting the rings?
tree cross section

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Haha, oh damn.  Note to self - log out of babble when using someone else's computer! :D


Okay, now that I'm myself again... :D

Thanks everyone!  I've had a really great day!  I've been spoiled rotten, actually. :) 

BTW, does everyone know that it's also N.R.Kissed and Lou Arab's birthday today?  I think there might have been another babbler whose birthday I shared, but I forget now...but anyhow, happy birthday to the two of you as well!

Stargazer gets so many brownie points for that "25", I can't even tell you.  Hard to believe I was in my 20's when I first started babbling!  But I'm so not 25 now. ;)

bagkitty is cruisin'... ;)

Polly B, it's funny that you posted that tequila shot (I assume that's what it is) - in fact, the first time I ever did a tequila shot with lemon was this year!

Yup skdadl, I am!  I used to be a lot more scorpioish than I am now, but I've still got a good streak of it. :)

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I've heard about the penalty for impersonating a mod...what's the penalty for a mod impersonating a babbler?

Happy Birthday Michelle!

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Awww. Happy birthday Michelle!

Skinny Dipper

Happy bidet to you!Tongue out

Skinny Dipper

That should be happy b-day!  I hope you have a sense of humour! Sixteen is a great age!

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Happy Birthday, Michelle!


Thanks everyone!  hmm, I think that's the first time I've seen a toilet used as a beer cooler! :D  And yes, I'm 16, that's the ticket.  For the 21st time!

radiorahim, the real ones were even better. ;)

Skinny Dipper

Underaged drinking is not good.  I won't tell.Sealed


Hee!  That only had 154 views - people you know or something?  How on earth did you find that? :)


I just searched for "un ti beurre to you."


A "P'tit beurre" is a type of biscuit made by LU, a cookie company in Nantes.  Nestlé probably owns them now.  Anyway, that "p'tit beurre des to you" song is well-known around there.  Mme. Bong once got a birthday card in the shape of a P'tit Beurre (with the birthday greeting embossed on it), from family in Nantes.


Happy belated schweetie!

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And from me, too. Sorry so late to the party. Embarassed

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meh...can't do right for wrong....


I forgot you and my father share a birthday. Given the 21st anniversary of your 16th birthday, you are currently half his age.

I'm glad you had a good one, Michelle.