Honestly, do you still believe in the future?

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Listening to radio sat morning. No CBC (too reactionary rightwing) no college stations (they only music) and so @ 8am I listen to 'power and money'(?) or whatever on AM 640 where they sell gold/silver and warn about the rest of the ongoing economic fraud. Gold going to $10 k/ounce soon, silver over $250 experts expect! Inflation, Ron Paul recently was warning, will be over 50 percent by Xmas time....we have 'gone off the cliff' according to one very establishment conservative, economist. So here I am, 61 year old one time 'hippie admirer' who looked ahead to the 'new stone age' and instead forced to watch rob ford become mayor (though he didn't REALLY want the job- i guess the voters figuered 'what difference does it make anyway'?') and then Snake Eyes harper get his majority a year after he intentionally screwed Toronto/Canada with the G20 extravaganza, and I haven't got a single media outlet to listen to, as they're ALL RIGHTWING reactionaries, and....so i listen to a doom/gloom radio 'conspiracy theory' show trying to scare rightwingers-with-cash into spending it on gold/silver futures, and basically predicting global economic mayhem; and I LIKE THAT! It's refreshing, and mostly true! My co-worker tried raging on Friday about the idiots rioters in Vancoos- and i stopped her saying mister pig is selling YOU snake oill and you're buying it? They do not tell you how much the 2010 Olympics really cost, or how a parliamentary page was so sick of fascism running amok she held up a sign saying 'stop harper' when Parliament was being opened, but the same goof ball media glorify in the fact private video/pics are being used to round up the rioters in Vanc.....jesus h kerist.... Even the mainline junkie news was saying on CBC that Obama HAS TO raise the Fed debt limit over $15 trillion or US gov will 'default' outright next month...hahaha. Wonderful....Only it isn't funny.....


clandestiny wrote:

Listening to radio sat morning. ......so i listen to a doom/gloom radio 'conspiracy theory' show trying to scare rightwingers-with-cash into spending it on gold/silver futures, and basically predicting global economic mayhem; and I LIKE THAT! It's refreshing, and mostly true! Only it isn't funny.....

Well the most successful propaganda in a totalitarian setting is the constant drumbeat of a total lie - we are not quite there yet. The second most successful lie, however, is one that incorporates partial truths. We are headed toward economic mayhem but those who are progressive, humane need to be very clear as to the reasons why and we need to stay on that message repeatedly (yes I know 'staying on message' is too un-kool and too prole for the white wine social democrats but ...). We cannot do that with the likes of Zizek (who only promotes a newer po-mo priesthood) nor with Derrick Jensen (who is only a few centimetres away from Charles Manson).

We need to promote the likes of Richard Wolff:



or Noam Chomsky



and even Michael Moore:




Yeah I know was in the corporate stream coverage for awhile but that was 5 years ago. Nobody is mentioning him now. He still merits atttention despite his total un-koolness with po-mo's.


So, clandestiny.... that would be a no?

Pretty much how i feel. Too old to bend; too tired to run; too weak to fight.


I can just imagine what Tommy Douglas would say about the future. I think future economies will not be driven by market ideology the same as is true today.

The future is in health care and green economy. We are going to be a lot smarter than to continue abusing the planet with industrial capitalism.

Restoring memory, repairing damaged brains Synthetic hippocampal system restores long-term memory, enhances cognition

Daniel Kraft: Medicine's future? There's an app for that A TED Video

The Coming Transition from Gene Survival to Pattern Survival Will it be man versus machine or man vs some other intelligence?

You are the Crown of Creation
You are the Crown of Creation

and you've got no place to go


We cannot wait for a future five-term Tommy Douglas. We need a serious social movement now, one that is not caught up with self-pity, self-marginalization, and a fetish for its own weakness as we have now.


I guess nobody bothered to listen to The House's piece on the Air Canada strike, or the editorial/interview on Day Six regarding Canada's actions in Libya.


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