I am so offended...

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I am so offended...

I am so offeneded about people being offended all the time.

Maybe they are offended about me being so offeneded about people being offended all the time.

On the other hand, if we are all offended about people offended all the time, maybe we could just stop being offended and start talking like intelligent, civilized people (maybe even with a touch of humour)?

Too much to ask for?



You are right to be offended.Wink

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It's a discussion forum, for goodness sakes. If I want to express that I'm offeneded by something - well, that's part of the discussion. You can ignore it, go to the next thread, or whatever.


Of course you have the right to be offended.

You are welcome to it.

Enjoy it to the fullest.

Erik Redburn

I'm offended that youre offended....   


Of course, I am NOT offended.

That comment was just a joke. Playing with words. Using the word 'offended' as many times as I could to illustrate how ridiculous the concept is.

We are living in a world that is consumed by unspeakable atrocities, hurtling into an abyss without the possibility of retreat and we are offended by silly jokes that are actually very funny.

Reminds me of the "Life of Brian" scene where the different factions (that are supposed to be united against the common enemy) are beating up on each other underground for egotistical reasons. Or the peasant in "The Holy Grail", mucking about in the mud, complaining about King Arthur 'suppressing' him.

Our little fragile egos are so pathetic, so pitiful, compared to the calamity rushing towards us, our children and grandchildren, that I find it hard to believe that anyone could take them seriously.

Yet, many on this forum (including the moderator) do.

Just as well I have given up on the human species.

It is easy for me: I am an alien.

And if I am to be suspended/banned for my attitude, so be it.

It would be a welcome liberation.

PS. Babble, you are losing your best and brightest people for stupid reasons of conformity to a very narrow mold arbitrarily defined by those who want to be king on a very small ant heap. I don't think absentia will be back (she quoted Kurt Vonnegut as her exit line) and many others are already gone who brought intelligence, wit, imagination and maturity to this forum. Caissa is right -- Babble is dying or, even worse, drowning in mediocrity. Long gone are the days when Babble started: full of fun, intelligence, intriguing thoughts, friendship, good will and lots and lots of humour.

Rest in peace, Babble.


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When nothing is offensive anything is acceptable.

I get offended and react in real live to jokes that are racist or misogynist etc.  I don't want to hear gay jokes or dumb blond jokes.

In the thread you are talking about I made one little joking comment about a joke I consider to be inane.  I didn't even get offended I tried to make a joke back.  So sir please remount your high horse and ride on.

"Eurocentric much"

My idea of humour.  Then your bud got fucking offended by my joke.  He could have just ignored my joke but he chose to engage in the subject of stereotyping.  

I get it Alien that you like some posters more than others but who made you the arbiter of humour on babble.  


Erik Redburn wrote:
I'm offended that youre offended....   

Is this the best you can do?

"Cyrano, your nose is big"?


Northern Shoveler wrote:
 Then your bud got fucking offended

In my experience people resort to obscenity when all else fails.

... and there is humour that is classy, witty, creative and imaginative,... and humour that is ... let's just say: common, obvious, predictable and boring.

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there is humour that is classy, witty, creative and imaginative,... and humour that is ... let's just say: common, predictable and boring.


Funny, that's what I think of jokes that are based on stereotypes!

Now alien, we all appreciate you backing out of your fourth or fifth flounce to educate us on the niceties of humour (again), but now that you've had your bite, I'm closing this bait thread. Please don't take offence.

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