I will be divorced on July 2nd!

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G. Muffin

You know you get a free name change with every divorce, right? 

Perhaps I'll be G. Muffin :)


Ha!  If you want, I can do that for you.  What the heck.  I'm in a good mood. :D


Maysie wrote:

Wilf Day wrote:
 Although I never noticed your invisible chains, which you kept well-hidden.

Um, this thread is about Michelle's divorce. What she does in the privacy of her own home is nobody's business.

Laughing Laughing Laughing


Boy, have you got her pegged.  WinkLaughing


Oh lordy.  Well, no babble thread is complete without pegging, apparently! :D

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oldgoat wrote:

mazel tov


have one on me...



Pour some out 1st and wtf is that no I drink this

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but anyway on a real tip I aint ever gettin married

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Michelle wrote:

Oh lordy.  Well, no babble thread is complete without pegging, apparently! :D

Oh yeah? Post something about pegging in a Middle East discussion thread. Or a thread about the Liberal-Conservative coalition. And make it relevant. I dare ya.

Tongue out

G. Muffin

Well, I finally did it!  I went to a lawyer, told my story, signed a bunch of documents and got the divorce ball rolling.  Only one little wrinkle I didn't foresee:  In this jurisdiction, the next stage is a conference (me, my lawyer, him, his lawyer and a judge).  I have not talked to my ex for a year (worst break-up in the history of the species) and I'm more than a little anxious.  The conference will take place in about a month.  We are going to haggle over (a) what constitutes a family asset, and (b) how those assets are going to be divvied up.  Fun!  Fun!!  Fun!!!

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Congrats, good luck, and know your strength.


Congratulations!  I hope things go well for you, G. Pie. 

Case conferences are a bit intimidating, but they're okay.  Don't be surprised if not much gets done at it - these things can sometimes drag out terribly, and then of course the next available date is sometime next century...well, maybe I was just in a busy jurisdiction.

Anyhow, good luck!

G. Muffin

Thanks, you guys.  What a relief it'll be to get this over with!