Pancake Day

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Pancake Day

disclaimer: no religious propaganda intended, but probably unavoidable... Sealed

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So, anyone have a favourite pancake recipe? Not using a premix? My favourite pancakes include blueberries. Smile


I put Saskatoon berries in mine! :)


I do a cheat on buckwheat crêpes, adding some organic wheat flour to make them easier to set. Savoury filling; no blue or other berries involved. Cheese, yes. Like some mushrooms, but really you can come up with tasty fillings from many things you might have in the fridge. About the only fruit I might add is something like pears, that goes well with cheese, onions etc. One could of course use apples (I'm allergic to apples, and to cows' milk).

I don't really have a recipe, as I've made those for so many decades. I use soya milk when I don't have any goats' milk on hand (goats' milk is usually expensive - I have a frozen carton in a neighbour's freezer, must retrieve it. Eggs and a mixture of organic buckwheat and wheat flours. For crêpes, the batter shouldn't be too thick - like thick cream. It is very important to let the batter rest for a while before making crêpes to make them easier to flip and remove from the pan.

Crêpes can also be eaten at La Chandeleur, which is a little earlier, 2 February. Both contain the idea of removing eggs, butter, cream and other fatty goodies from the home before Lent.

Above all, today is Mardi gras (I have rather unpleasant memories of finding myself in Québec City during Carnival and the, er, remains of drunken revelry that took place the evening before my arrival). So revellers, Laissez le bon temps rouler and all that, but clean up after yourselves!

Edited to add: Chandeleur and Mardi gras pancakes/crêpes also contain the idea of the return of the sun, palpable this time of year, as they are round and "sunny", with the egg.

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A Facebook friend writes: Traditional pancakes only contain egg, milk, flour and an optional pinch of salt.

Try 1/2 cup flour in bowl with optional sprinkle of salt. Drop an egg and a cup of milk in the centre. Whisk or beat until smooth. Store in fridge for several hours (if you put it in a jug it helps when you need to pour it into the frying pan.) Heat the oiled frying pan (quite hot) pour in some batter, tipping the pan to coat it. Turn over to cook other side. Thinner pancakes are better than fat ones!

ETA:  I've used a variation on the above with a tiny pinch of sugar and lots of blueberries.

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I'll have to add Mardi Gras to my Bucket List now!

confession: I have on occasion used a premix especially when in a hurry and I ran out of the proper ingredients.


It is Mardi gras.

I wouldn't buy most pre-mixes as they are made with crappy flour and other ingredients. There are some I can buy at Jean-Talon market that are made from organic flour, powdered egg and milk (I think; not sure about the milk). I really avoid premade corporate foods.


It's Shrove Tuesday and I'm eating steak for supper and I have not intention of being shriven.

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[quote=Timebandit]I put Saskatoon berries in mine! :)[/quote]

I can't remember if I've ever had Saskatoon berries. Are they similar to blueberries, bakeapples, raspberries, or...?


Closer to blueberries in appearance, but more purple than blue, with a hint of a nutty taste, but tangy.  Delicious!  They grow in ravines all over the prairies.  We used to pick them wild when I was small, and the blond guy and I still do, sometimes, time permitting.  I'm running low now.  I like them in pancakes and jam, but they are best when they are fresh, with cream or on cereal in the morning. 

I am also the waffle queen around here - got a Belgian-style professional waffle iron for xmas a few years ago.  Ms T's favourite brunch.

lagatta, you've got me thinking about pear and brie crepes now!  I have the pears, may have to pick up some cheese for lunch tomorrow!


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My mama had the best waffle maker ever - from the early 1950s I think, and it was electric. I have no idea where it is now. Can anyone recommend a waffle iron that will last forever? Preferably electric.

ETA: No, I guess, from your description, I've never had a Saskatoon berry, although I'm thinking a friend sent me some quite a while ago, canned.

Our local berry is called a "bakeapple" and extends from here to Labrador and Newfoundland. Mostly a bog berry. A bit citrus-y, and delicious in jams, pies, and with ice cream.

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I've never seen one like that before. Are you happy with it?

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Okay, thanks. I'm going to get one soon, not sure if it'll be this one, or the more traditional model.

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Sourdough pancakes ftw.

I make some pretty killer waffles too. I have a Cuisinart too, I believe, but the four-square model. It's great. Sometimes I use yeast, but usually I'm not prepared enough so I just do the usual baking powder route, and beat the egg whites separately. Oh, and way more butter than is healthy. Can't go wrong!


Yes.  When I first got it (a gift from my mum), I thought "I will never use this thing, it's HUGE!"  Now I'm not sure I want to do without it!  It's self-contained, easy to clean, and it makes a very nice waffle.  It was a bit of a pain on the storage side before we renovated the kitchen.

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I love sourdough bread and biscuits, never had sourdough waffles. Sounds delish!



This is the iron I have:


Jebus.  That IS huge, but gosh it's pretty! :)  I have a tiny kitchen (almost done renovating, so excited, I'll have a kitchen again after nothing for three weeks!) so it would be difficult to find room for that. 

I, sadly, didn't do any pancakey-type things for Mardi Gras yesterday.  In fact, I forgot all about Mardi Gras!  One of these years, I'm going to actually celebrate it.  I usually don't think about it until the next day! 

Every year, I also say I'm going to fill a calendar with all sorts of secular (silly/fun/made-up or not) celebration days and actually celebrate them in order to give this atheist some nice, non-religious feast days to enjoy.  I guess Mardi Gras wouldn't technically count, but since I never celebrated it when I was religious, I guess it could still be fun.  Besides, I still celebrate the religious holidays too, but I just do it without religion. :)


I have the same approach, Michelle - why turn your back on the fun? ;)

I envy your only three weeks - I was out of my kitchen for nearly four months. We waited a long time for the reno, built out the back wall four feet, gutted the whole thing, moved plumbing... Cooked on the BBQ while I was without a stove. Started yelling in September when the contractor was dragging his heels - uh, dude, do not want to be stuck cooking outside after it freezes...

I'm going to hate leaving it, got to make it exactly the way I wanted. Love my kitchen.


We did the same thing! We completely gutted the kitchen right to the baseboards (tore out drywall, ceilings and floor), insulation and electrical.  Had a nice surprise when they found a bit of knob and tube that of course had to be taken out - luckily most of the electrical was not knob and tube.  They put in a bunch of new outlets (the electrical was outdated), had the gas pipe (for the stove) moved to the other side of the kitchen, a vent hole bored to the outside through the brick for the range hood, and the water pipes rerouted to the other side of the kitchen too.

I think we got lucky - our contractor is great, coordinated everything perfectly, got on top of the few concerns we did have right away.  In fact, our cabinetry install (starting today) was moved up by a week - it was supposed to start NEXT Wednesday.  It will really be about 4 weeks.  Started on January 28th, and while the cabinetry will be installed by the end of this week, the backsplash won't be going in until early next week and possibly that's when they'll be hooking up the appliances too (the wiring and pipes are all in and ready though).  But the contractor tells me we should have our kitchen by the end of next week.  Then we have to do the painting or hire someone to do it (we'll probably just do it ourselves).

Anyhow...back to the topic.  Shrove Tuesday!  Although I guess now it's Ash Wednesday, the not-so-fun day after, kind of like a hangover after a night of partying, followed by weeks of deprivation for Lent.  In my secular planet, there is no Ash Wednesday or Lent. :)

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A gloomy Ash Wednesday to all. Personally I don't like the party clothes compared to Shrove Tuesday.