Remembering the SkyDome

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Remembering the SkyDome
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Hey! Can we embed you tube videos on Babble now?

Papal Bull

Yes. It seems we can.


And it is f*cking terrible.

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Wrong. I can. Embedding YouTube videos remains outwith the capability of the plebs.

Of course, it is still awful. Can anyone tell me if Alan Thicke was available when the Rogers Centre opened?

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What's the story here? I can't run YouTube on dialup. What happened to the SkyDome?

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It's a video of the 1989 television special of the SkyDome's opening night. Alan Thicke and Andrea Martin host it. It's the most cringeworthy piece of Canadiana I have seen in a while.

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Is that really worse that this actual event held at the SkyDome the following year???

Make sure you take a good hard look at the face at 7:03 into the video...


Alas, the Ex really wasnt made for baseball- but if you strategized you could get great seats for cheap.

The cheap seats took off from third base to far-far away. But you could get close to third base if you bought ahead. And I didnt know anyone who wanted to watch as much as me anyway. So I would just decide to up and go by myself to day games. And being by myself I could always find the single $3 or $4 seat close to third base. Just take the whim and be in half an hour later.

Fortunately, the year after Skydome came I was in Michigan. The old Tiger Stadium was fantastic, and it wasnt $3... but since nobody was watching the Tigers then, you could always get great seats on short notice for not much. When the Jays were in town half the fans were from Ontario- FAR better than fighting the Skydome insanity.




triple post

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what a change today from the early 50,000-a-night Jays years.... I went for  a postseason 1991 game there , and it was crazy;

re the unfortunate name change: someone said the Rogers Centre sounds like a fertility clinic, I agree


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Oh My Fucking God

I forced myself to watch the whole thing. What a dreadful song, dance, everything.  I'm ill. Now I need to start drinking and it's 8:00am. Damn you, Catchfire.

Did we really wear silver jackets in the 80s? My memory is fuzzy.

Did anyone other than me find the singing and dancing of the Jays and Argos big burly men as deliciously homoerotic? No? Just me, then. Please tell me those were real players and not dancers in costume. Please.

Hey, Torontonians, remember when they held a contest to name the new stadium? Remember the "Canadian Ontario National Dome" scandal? The CON-Dome? *giggle *titter Ah, what sweet naive fools we were.

I boycotted the Skydome for years until I was forced to go once for work reasons. I think that was the one time I went there. And it wasn't for a sports event, are you kidding? Or maybe there was a second time when my ex made me see the Dalai Lama there.

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Sorry, Maysie. I, too, watched  the whole thing. Like a car crash. Or the slaughtering of a herd of sheep.

"Le-ehhhhhhht the roof slide, le-ehhhhhhhht the roof slide in. The roo-oooof slide in!"


So hilarious that it seemed like a bad parody of musical theatre.

Definitely homoerotic. They were indeed actors not athletes.


But do any of you remember that when Oscar Peterson was playing they opened the roof and it rained on him?

Bookish Agrarian

Ha!  I was there- working - if not for actual money.

I remember it as a pretty good party.  But then it was the late 80's and the 'air' backstage might have helped that feeling along.