Sunny Feeds: Need a little levity?

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Sunny Feeds: Need a little levity?

Happy Friday!

Anyone need a little pick me up? A little sunshine?

Check out: Unlocking the Truth: Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins

Two kids, 12 years old, from Bushwick Brooklyn discuss their love of metal, their metal band "Unlocking the Truth", books they are writing about bullies who are mean and lose everything, and generally being very passionate.

Oh, and they are super talented, and play in front of the Times Square subway station.

Sweet guitar flip: check. Amazing drum solo: check.

Listening to these kids talk about their passion for metal puts a big old smile across my face everytime.

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F'n shredding it.

Also, his book sounds amazing and adorable. "And it's based on a true story."

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totally. those kids are the best.


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Happy Monday!

Need another glimpse of sunshine in your life because it's Monday Morning and those can be tough? Cry

A friend of mine shared a game this weekend that has been making me laughing constantly, whenever I think about it, for two days straight.

Replace the word "love" with "lunch" in songs. So simple, yet so beautiful.

My top two:

1. "Feel like making lunch" - Bad Company 

best moments: opening lines "baby, when I think about you, I think about luuuunch./ darling, won't live without you, and your luuuunch"

2. "Whole lotta lunch" - Led Zeppelin

best moments: the scream "luuuuuunch" near the end and just singing "I'm gonna give you my lunch"

There are so many great ones.


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Great idea Kaitlin!

For the clumsy: "But I can't help falling in lunch with you"

For the cannibalistic: "If you can't be with the one you lunch, lunch the one you're with"

For the metaphorically confused "Some say lunch it is a river"




Oh, I need some levity with the endless sad news about Lac Mégantic...


Lunch and other aspects of everyday life:

All my laundry, I will share with you, all my laundry, aa-all my laundry! (old one, that).

There is a German song about changing the cat box (Katzeklo)...

Katzeklo, Katzeklo, ja das macht die Katze froh.

Katzeklo, Katzeklo, macht die Katze froh.

Willst du eine saubere Katze haben,

mut du im Geschft nach Katzeklo fragen.


Gehst du ins Geschft hinein,

kauf was Schnes fr die Katze ein.


Eine Katze will immerzu fressen,

eine Katze will immerzu fressen.

Ich gebe ihr was, ich geb' ihr was zu fressen

Sie bezahlt nichts dafr ... und das ist gut

Die Katze frit mir die Haare vom Kopf.

Eine Katze frit den ganzen Tag.

Damit es ihr gut geht, will sie fressen.

Ich stelle ihr was hin ... sie it es auf

Lire la suite:,KATZEKLO,100021435.html


The best version of one of my favourite songs by Helge Schneider:

And when he's not goofing around (and often at the same time) he is an accomplizhed multi-instrumentalist:

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I have a poet friend whose favourite word is lunch. For him, it's onopatopoeic in that the word itself sounds like the crumple of a brown paper bag.

He also really likes lunch itself.

Maysie, you give lunch a bad name.


I like this, mainly because I'm dumb as lunch. A few suggestions:

Luncheon Calling - The Clash

The Power of Lunch - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

I Think We're a Lunch Now - Tiffany


Luncheon calling - We'll eat by the river!


p.s., this may put you off your lunch:

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All excellent!

I'm glad people thought this was funny and not that I'm some ridiculous person who thinks it's funny to replace love with lunch. I mean I am, but it's nice you didn't say it.

Also should have put a spoiler alert on that because once you start thinking of a song with "lunch" instead of "love", well, you just can't unsee that.

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Happy Friday babblers!

I don't know about all of you, but I felt a little blue this week (and when not blue a little red with anger).

But you know what will always cheer everyone up?

A supercut of cats be scared by random objects set to 'Dance of the Knights' by Sergi Prokofiev

You're welcome.

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Why not watch bears catch salmon?

(SPOILER -- Bear fishing strategy: 1. Sit in river; 2. wait for fish to jump in mouth; 3. profit.)


Well, really, if I could make my living like that, I totally would.

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IT'S FRIDAY. It's been hot and muggy all over, terrible news as always and the corpse flower in DC has still not bloomed!


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld picks up his famous comedian pals and drives around and gets coffee and chats. Larry David, Alec Baldwin, Mel Brooks and WAY MORE.

The image on the top of the website right now of Chris Rock and Seinfeld is the greatest thing in the world. Apparently they get pulled over by the cops at some point. In a Lambo.

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All right, I was a little snippy today to a fellow babbler, so to make amends here is a cat video (is there a better way to apologize? Rhetorical. Please don't shatter my apology bubble.)

If you have not already seen this video, you are missing out. And, if you have seen it... so, you know.

Cat in a Shark Costume Chases a Duck While Riding a Roomba

The first 8 seconds of this are pure gold.

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The internet has officially jumped the duck.

Oh. And I am extremely embarrassed to say that I laughed more than necessary when the duck pooped.