Your favourite foods / foods you cannot live without

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I wouldn't mind some Harry Ramsden's fish 'n chips with mushy peas about now. Too far away for now.

The guy from Newfoundland closed down his two shops in the area and retired. He did pretty good fish and chips for a few years. The cod and haddock was real good. And his halibut was vvvery good. Guess I'll have to make my own. 

And Potatoes! My ma was from Yorkshire, but besides making great Yorky puds with gravy, roast potatoes and carrots with roti de boeuf, she made the best Italian stew I ever tasted. I could not live without the odd bowl of spicy stew. Da-rool drool!

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Foods I can't live without?  Whole milk.  Good cheese (aged cheddar, brie, edam, gouda are especial favourites).  Tart apples, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, saskatoons, pears.  Spinach.  Tomatoes.  Eggs, especially soft-boiled.  Lean, rare beef.  Bacon.  Cookies.  Gotta have my sweet fix.  Curry.  Cardamom.  Rosemary and thyme.  And red wine.


How about interesting foods

I'm adverturesome with food but I don't know about having my dinner stare back at me!

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Anyone else hate IOGO yogurt? It's all the two stores here sell now. Tastes like paste. Frown


I'm sure I'd like Sultan of Samosas' samosas, but isn't East York rather out of the way for Michelle? Unless they sell them elsewhere.

They sell very good ones at the Lebanese cheese and fine foods shop at Byward Market in Ottawa - is that "Amis des fromages"? I've not found ones I like as much here in Mtl.

The yoghourt I like is thick, Middle Eastern or Greek, and if possible made with ewe's or goat's milk. And definitely, definitely not sweetened, or flavoured, except by me with savoury things. Not "girly" at all.


@ lagatta

You should get yourself a keffir culture. It is easier to make than yogourt - you can leave it in the fridge for months, or on the shelf if you want it to turn fast, and you do not have to heat it. Depending on how long you let it sit it has a far greater kick than yogourt - like buttermilk, only funkier. It is usually thinner than yogourt, but I think that depends on the milk, and setting time, and strangely enough, you can curd it and set it as cheese a lot easier than yogourt.



I don't have to where I live, as goat and ewe milk yogourt are easily available here. I find keffir a bit too funky.

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lagatta wrote:
I don't have to where I live, as goat and ewe milk yogourt are easily available here. I find keffir a bit too funky.

You can never be too funky.

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from 1994: How About Some Popcorn With Your Fat?


In a report released last week, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a national consumer group that specializes in food and nutrition issues, announced that the popcorn sold in the typical movie theater absolutely drips with unsaturated fat, the kind that raises blood cholesterol and clogs arteries.

The culprit is not the popcorn itself but the superfatty coconut oil that most theaters use to pop it. That and the butter -- hydrogenated soybean oil in most cases -- that's drizzled on top. A medium-size buttered popcorn, the report said, contains more fat than a breakfast of bacon and eggs, a Big Mac and fries and a steak dinner combined. The report was published in the center's Nutrition Action Healthletter.

"Theater popcorn ought to be the Snow White of snack foods, but it's been turned into Godzilla by being popped in highly saturated coconut oil," said Michael Jacobson, the center's executive director, lobbing this carefully composed sound bite at a press conference.

Q: have movie theatre popcorn makers switched to a healthier alternative in their cooking oils since this 1994 article?


I don't think so, Boom Boom. It is silly, as plain puffed popcorn is a perfectly reasonable thing to eat. I like to sprinkle on a bit of parmesan, but no other fat. 

Perhaps someone else has an update. 

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I love plain popcorn that I've made myself. I wish I could find my old air popper. I think I'll invest in a new one.