Book launch for Feminism FOR REAL and fundraiser for the Highway of Tears: Toronto: Feb 25

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Book launch for Feminism FOR REAL and fundraiser for the Highway of Tears: Toronto: Feb 25


Book launch for Feminism FOR REAL and fundraiser for the Highway of Tears

Friday, February 25 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Toronto Women's Bookstore
73 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON

Join us on Friday February 25th from 7pm to 9pm to celebrate the official book launch of "Feminism FOR REAL: Deconstructing the Academic Industrial Complex of Feminism" edited by Jessica Yee.

With an opening address from Lee Maracle, drumming by Shandra Spears-Bombay and rattle dance by DJ Danforth, this event will feature spoken word performances and round table discussions from the book contributors, followed by a screening of "The Road Forward", dedicated to the countless First Nations women who have "dissappeared" on British Columbia's "Highway of Tears".

Proceeds from the evening will go to a scholarship fund created for the children of missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

For more information please contact Erika Shaker at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives at


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A response to the mainstream feminist blogosphere on 'Feminism FOR REAL'

I'm saying point number 1 because it has to do with who knows what, when and how. Meaning that this isn't just about "I didn't get the e-mail about the book" or "I admit I received it but didn't take it seriously" or "the promotion of the book in my world sucks!" Let's go back to the why -- why didn't you hear about it? Why isn't your world talking about it? Beyond being busy (me and my ancestors have been busy for the last 500+ years trying not to be erased -- but that's neither here nor there) it also has to do with what you yourself are or aren't making an effort to be in the know about or do and the fact that so many people think that what's right in front of them is everyone else's reality as well....

Which brings me to my biggest point of all which is that I myself am not looking for this book to be the most popular, reviewed, or mentioned in the universes of feminism and I'm ESPECIALLY not interested in taking a seat at the tiny place of the big table that's been carved out for me. In fact the whole book questions the many fucked up areas and products of "Feminism" and asks readers to be for real about exactly what so many movements are quick not to do -- appear divided, critical, or accountable to fuck ups -- in this case Feminism -- policed in and outside of academia -- for fear of not being truly "united." Western notions of polite discourse are apparently the tactics we should follow. I know damn well that if I had a certain well-known last name in Feminism that one random post somewhere about this book would've been picked up by dozens and then we wouldn't even be having this discussion. And are we really prepared to say that even if we had spent thousands of dollars on PR for the book that it would be magically sold and picked up with soaringly high levels of support? Really?


Which is all sounding to me like I'm being the educator again of other people's oppressions and in all honesty it's way too tiring. I've been reflecting a lot lately on how we are so busy telling other people not to be oppressive to our communities that we have little energy left to deal with what's going on inside of our own communities. I'm finished with doing the educating on how feminism needs to change -- it's been done. And it's no longer going to come at the physical, mental, and spiritual costs of me being frustrated, exasperated, and then empty -- for what? My community needs me and we've paid the price for other people's comforting disillusion with reality for far too long.