Unsettling Canada by Arthur Manuel and Grand Chief Ronald Derrickson, forward by Naomi Klein

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Hey folks, I'm so glad you've done some serious thinking about this book. I'd really like to see more particular comments from our babblers. 



To answer your question, Meg, I didn't know the details of inner government action but had the broad skeleton of the oppression from my background in Canadian history. I agree, more canadians should read it.

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Definitely a must read for any Canadian "progressive" that has been oblivious to indigenous issues over the last three decades. He sets it all out extremely well.  As some one who has been somewhat knowledgeble since the 1980's I am the most disgusted with the lack of action on the Royal Commission report. It was an awesome process and came up with real doable recommendations that had the support of the vast majority of First Nations. 

As an ally I have been somewhat restrained because since the mid-'90's when I was somewhat involved in the  treaty process I could see clearly it had only one goal in mind and that was extinquishment of title to land. However I also believe in self determination so I don't feel it is my place to tell indigenous communities how they should navigate their dealings with our Dishonorable Crown. Taking the crumbs offered at the treaty table instead of more beatings is a choice I asm thankful I  don't have to make.

A concrete action that we could take to assist First Nations stuck in the disreputable Treaty process would be to get the NDP and Greens to commit to loan forgiveness for all negotiating debts and making it an election issue.