What do you recommend from Canada's challenged book list?

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noreen mae
What do you recommend from Canada's challenged book list?

Hi everyone! I recently put together this list of challenged books that I recommend reading. After consulting this list of books that have been challenged in Canada, I am wondering what books you have read and would recommend? Happy Freedom to Read Week!


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rowena flowers

Interesting to read the titles of books challenged in 2010 -- I confess I'd never heard of any of these...! Thanks for posting this list -- do you know if there's a resource guide for finding out more info about banned books in Canada like there is in the states? Here it is.

noreen mae

Hi Rowena,

The Freedom to Read site seems to be one of the more extensive resources for banned and challenged books in Canada. This list also offers more indepth explanations for books that have been challenged.


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Thanks noreen--what a great resource. I'm actually reading Art Spiegelman's Breakdowns right now (which is actually several decades old, I think)--I had no idea it was challenged in Canada!

Also, check out jrose's recent blog post on banned and challenged books.