Eastern ship contracts???

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Eastern ship contracts???

Just wondering if anyone has news about the ship contracts the federal Gov't awarded awhile ago?  I realize things of such magnitude take time, but I haven't heard anything on the news out west here.


Just wondering if things are starting to show, "Down East"?  When I saw the announcement on the news, I thought, "Wow, this could permanently change the economy down there for the good", (as long as the local gov't doesn't screw the pooch, and incompetent management doesn't pi$$ the opportunity away).


Hoping for good news from those in the East!  Smile


If all goes well, we should have electricity by 2014.


In the first place, it is anything but tranformative.

And what is coming, does not start immediately.


We need a fresh supply of tall trees for the masts.

I'm so gald Albertns are concerned that we Eastern bastards don't freeze in the dark anymore.

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Caissa, you are in fine form today.


Thanks, writer. Albertans have helped to forge a sense of humour amongst Maritimers. Oops, knocked over my candle...