Navigating the Bureaucracy - specifically Service Canada

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Navigating the Bureaucracy - specifically Service Canada

I was wondering if there is anyone out there who can point me in the right direction.

I will begin by saying that I have attempted to get assistance from my local MP, but that person is either unable, unwilling or otherwise indisposed to providing anything other than vague promises to work on the issue and that isn't happening.

My specific problem arises with OAS benefits which are not being approved.  I am a native-born Canadian who lived and worked in Canada exclusively until 1978 (except for a less than 6 month visit to USA in 1976).  I moved to USA in late 1978 and lived there until late 1992,  when I  returned to Canada and have lived and worked here continuously ever since.  I will note here that I travelled by automobile when moving to USA in 1978 and moving back to Canada in 1992.

Service Canada has demanded "proof" of re-entry to Canada in the form of passport, bills of lading, old leases, etc., which I do not have.  I have provided a myriad of documents to demonstrate being in Canada during the time periods mentioned, including statements of CPP contributions for all those years, but it seems to no avail.

It now appears they are attempting to assert that any OAS benefits would only accrue as the result of the Canada-USA totalization agreement, but that makes no sense to me.

I've read newspaper articles where immigrants have been denied OAS despite being in Canada for many, many years because they cannot produce the "proof" demanded by Service Canada. 

I know in the past, statements of CPP contributions paid was proof of being in Canada and working in Canada, but it seems something has changed as this is now inadequate.

Any thoughts on how to resolve this would be appreciated.






I have no idea how to resolve this. You obviously know (better than me) that others are in the same dilemma:

[url= face 'unreasonable' hurdles with Old Age Security, critics say: Documents needed to prove all the dates they entered and exited the country[/url]

Have you tried to contact CARP about this?



I am looking for any and all avenues to visibly "rabblerouse" or "raise cain" on this issue.  I am particularly incensed that the documents requested, i.e. passport, visa, manifest, plane ticket, etc., while they may "prove" someone entered Canada, in the absence of exit controls (until very recently) these "proofs" are moot.  They prove nothing meaningful other than that someone entered.  Someone could have departed the following day and nobody would have been the wiser.