Need an honest and reliable lawyer to take on CSIS...

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Need an honest and reliable lawyer to take on CSIS...

Hello everyone,

This is a serious matter involving employment interference (costing me two jobs in the corporate world) and even interference into some of my family members.  I am not a criminal, nor do I even have a criminal record, I am not a part of an anarchist group or anything l;ike this, hell I have not even threatened anyone.  My "dossier" was opened when I was 17, I am now in my mid-thirties.  A graduate near the top of my classwhen in University.

I am looking for a good, reliable lawyer in Ontario (preferably retired) who is willing to go to bat with me to sue CSIS and, even Vic Toews if required (as I made him aware of my issue a couple of years ago to no avail).  My issue has been in front of the U.N (they have a file opened up in my name), but I need to pursue a lawsuit domestically in order to pursue this on an International scale

If someone can assist me please respond.  I am praying some of you on this site can assist me before I lose my house.



Issues Pages: 

Noone has any advice regarding this request?  I was targetted at a Canadian bank by CSIS, this included an executive moving from Calgary to Ontario in order to ensure I would be dismissed.  Included my sales target being quadrupled in size in orde to ensure failure, etc. 

I was not part of a union but there must be someone who could provide some legal contacts, or, if there is a forum that might provide responses I would appreciate knowing where to post this.



I'm not sure thre any any lawyers left on Babble. I think someone took Shakespeare's injunction seriously...


johnnyfry wrote:
I am not sure what the last response means,

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers". - Henry VI, part II(Act IV, Scene II).


I am not sure what the last response means, I do know though that I have spoken to the Federal Courts and I will be taking an "action" (civil suit) against CSIS, the RCMP and Vic Toews: public safety minister.  If I cannot find a lawyer I will need to fight it alone, which I am prepared to do.  Obviously this is not the best case, but I know this much, noone will care as passioonately about my situation as I do.


I  have read a large number of the posts that are on this site, and I understand it to be more about workers rights than other concerns, at least in regards to the interest and action taken by members.  I can tell you that the persecution I have experienced is daunting; we are talking about tactics that the Stasi employ in East Germany, from the recruitment for assistance from family members and friends.  Without a doubt, Canada is the only democractic country that would allow their intelligence and police agencies to do what they do against the own citizens within their own borders.  Canadian Human Rights are so antiquated that I dare say we probably do not qualify for status in the U.N.

What frustrates me most is not simply the ignorance in Canada to the massive exploitation of Canadian citizens by their own spooks, but the lack of concern, or inability for people to challenge it.  I have posted a request for assistance on numerous board, I have spoken to four lawyers.  All admit I have a case, then they proceed to tell me how much it will cost me (in one case upwards of $100,000) to pursue CSIS and the Feds.  How does this allow someone a fair opportunity to protect their rights?  Furthermore, defending oneself is nearly impossible but it is the only option.  I have enough information to do enough damage that I am more than willing to pursue this strategy if required; though grudgingly.

How bad has the persecution been?  Five years ago I went to the SIRC to complain, the very next day I was threatened at a library by a man I didn't know though he said he knew where I lived (subtle threat).  Family members have lost jobs, they have canvassed for assistance from family and friends (successfully), and of course, they have signed the Official Secrecy Act (since renamed) to maintain their silence punishable by prison.  They have cost me two jobs and are intent on forcing me to lose my house and essentially to "expire."  They want me to go away in the worst way, especially since I know the names of a number of covert agents and I know one of their tactics  of interference in my life that indirectly cost the life of someone.  In fact, the death of this lady many years ago probably forced them to continue to target me, almost to justify what had happened (she commited suicide).

So after all that Ihave attempted I receive no assistance, noone is truly willing to face the big machine.  If you are an individual like I am, you are finished, it is only a matter of time, all I can do is publish my book and make my case to a judge who is probably so absorbed in enjoying the benefits that the system provides him that he will unbiased at the best, outright vengeful at worst. 

Large unions are organized but how much do they really concern themselves with Human Rights? In particular when it concerns CSIS or the RCMP, they don't.  Unfortunately it is that simple. There was book written by Andrew Mitovica who exposed the spying on the Postal Union by CSIS by a guy named John Farrell.  The union screamed for a few days then let it fade.  Noone, and I mean NOONE from PM or any of his lackeys will dare challenge CSIS or the RCMP, in fact, every federal government has jumped through hoops for 50 years to further insulate them while people are entrapped, misrepresented and in some cases traded like cows to foreign intelligence agencies all in the name of securing a larger budget.

Sorry for the long post but this site is my best hope for true grassroots support/guidance and I am receiving the usual silence.  It is worrisome and frightening, as much as it expected.



Caissa, you cannot suggest that there aren't lawyers fighting the good fight.  There must be numerous who are retired and/or some who remember the oath they took.  One doesn't have to be licensed to represent me, I will be doing so on my own if I cannot find a lawyer, past or present who can assist me.

Hell, I will settle for a small group of eager university students who want to get a first hand experience on how maniacal and radical their National Security Agencies really are.  Make it a case study for all I care, but someone must be available in this coutnry to stand up to those who bully and destroy others in the name of National Security.


My point in the first sentence was that you won't find a lawyer on Babble. My second sentence was a Shakespearean allusion that you obviously didn't bget. Thus, I explained it above. There once was a lawyer here but I think they burned down his house.


I am looking for a referral to a lawyer, someone with integrity and who is willing to take on those who swear to protect our rights while theyh trample on them.

Obviously a direct lawyer would be best, but a referral would be just as valuable.

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Shakespeare was right.  Who needs lawyers, johnnyfry?  They are just unnecessary, paper-pushing intermediaries.

Papal Bull

Sven wrote:

Shakespeare was right.  Who needs lawyers, johnnyfry?  They are just unnecessary, paper-pushing intermediaries.


The first step to overcoming an addiction is to admit you have a problem.


Also, I honestly don't know any lawyers that I could get to help you johnnyfry. Get back to me in 10 years when I'm not an unemployed bum. Maybe by then I'll have connections?


a lawyer who could take on the top security force of the country? How about that Greenspan dude? but you won't get that kind of lawyer for free. bottom line, unless you are rich go f**k youself.


Thank you to those who still care about democracy.  To those online shilling while real spy work is being done, well, you know who you are it's precisely because of you that Canada has become less of a desireable place.


The suit has been launched on my behalf.  I will update the site as it moves forward.