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Even From Jail, Sex Abuser Manipulated the System, His Victims Were Kept in the Dark


"A decade before #MeToo, a multimillionaire sex offender from Florida got the ultimate break...'That summer, when Roberts was 16, she said her father helped her get a job as a locker room attendant at the spa at Donald Trump's, Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, record show. Her father worked at the resort as a maintenance man.

There she met Ghislaine Maxwell, an Epstein friend and socialite daughter of the late British publishing magnate Robert Maxwell. She offered Roberts an opportunity to become a massage therapist, working for Epstein..."


Epstein Pedophile Scandal: Prince Andrew at Risk Once More as New Court Case Begins


"...The Epstein scandal has reached into the heart of the American establishment. Politicians from both parties, alongside men from Hollywood and business ties are listed on the flight logs of Epstein's private jet, dubbed the 'Lolita Express'..."


"Convicted pedophile, billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein reaches last-minute settlement ahead of jury selection for civil trial, avoiding testimony from his sex assault victims."


How helpful to wealthy sex criminals is the US 'just-us' system.


Westminster Under the Spotlight


"The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse has now turned its attention to Westminster politicians and started to examine claims of paedophile MPs' activity and the cover-ups concealing their crimes against vulnerable children..."