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Bacchus wrote:

I think Trump will happily investigate this to death since its really only Democrats/ex-officials at risk here, much like with Weinstein



Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Jennifer Araoz Sues Ghislaine Maxwell, 3 Other Epstein Staffers (and vid)


"Jennifer Araoz alleges she was repeatedly sexually asaulted by Jeffrey Epstein at his New York townhouse when she was 14 and 15, including a 2002 rape. Araoz's case represents a new legal liability for Maxwell and other household staff  - a secretary, a maid and a 'recruiter' who Araoz says she encountered outside her high school a few blocks from Epstein's home in the fall of 2001..."


Ghislaine Maxwell Told Friends She Planned To 'Disappear' As Jeffrey Epstein Case 'Reared Its Ugly Head'


"The Telegraph reported yesterday that Ghislaine Maxwell was planning to 'totally disappear' according to her friends..."


US Media Continues to Downplay Suspicions About Jeffrey Epstein's Death


"...The New York Times and the rest of the major media are particularly anxious and unhappy because their version of Epstein's demise is broadly disbelieved..."


Julie K Brown


WaPo..."Autopsy finds broken bones in Jeffrey Epstein's neck, deepening questions around his death. Experts say a broken bone happens in suicide by hanging but is more typical in homicide by strangulation."


Epstein: All the Names

"This article about Jeffrey Epstein which makes reference to Ghislaine Maxwell and a 'prime minister' has prompted me to bring together the various names from Epstein's little black book featured in various tweets on CSA into a single thread. Here goes..."



"Epstein was not only a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, but also a donor..."



New Podcast & Quoth the Raven #139


"Whitney Webb Goes Deep: Blowing Open the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal.."



La Danse Mossad: Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein


"Epstein, like Maxwell, was laying the groundwork for Israeli espionage activities..."


A couple of important Gawker pieces of yesteryear on Epstein, good starters for anyone coming new to the issue:


Flight Logs Put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire's Sex Jet



Here is Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's Little Black Book



Autopsy Finds Epstein Death Was Suicide By Hanging


"New York City's medical examiner ruled Jeffrey Epstein's death a suicide Friday, confirming after nearly a week of speculation that the financier hanged himself in his jail cell. Chief Medical Examiner Dr Barbara Sampson said in a statement that she made the suicide determination 'after careful review of all investigative information, including complete autopsy findings..."


Ten Things We Are Asked To Believe About Jeffrey Epstein's Death


"We are asked to believe the following basic 'facts' about the pedophile philanthropist's death, some more credible than others..."


George Galloway, MOATS - Episode 9


On the late Zionist media oligarch, Mossad agent and father of Epstein collaborator Ghislaine Maxwell, Robert Maxwell. Whitney Webb on the continuing Jeffrey Epstein saga and much more...


Lawyers Raise Questions After Medical Examiner Declares Epstein Committed Suicide


"...Yet the corporate media, led by the New York Times, has denounced all questioning of the circumstances surrounding Epstein's death as baseless 'conspiracy theories'. Epstein's defense lawyers say they did not accept the ruling and planned to conduct their own investigation..."


TRNN: Epstein May Be Just One Part Of An Intricate Network of Sex and Power (and vid)


"Journalist Whitney Webb's series looking at the sordid history tying together mobsters, oligarchs and government intelligence agencies in a web of blackmail, exploitation and profit. 'This is much larger than Epstein..."


The Right Kind of Continuity


" Real-life conspiracies pose a certain challenge for political analysis. Take the case of Jeffrey Epstein, the financier whose indictment in early June has produced revelations shocking even in an age of cartoon villainy. What is there to say about an international pedophilia ring linked to former US presidents and mitteleuropean aristocrats, which operated for decades with near impunity thanks to the prominence of its participants, at the behest of a billionaire whose private plane was named the Lolita Express.

It is likewise awkward for Jews when a Jewish public figure so perfectly embodies an antisemitic caricature. And here too - even with Woody Allen atop the alphabetical list of associates whose names appear in Epstein's leaked little black book, and Alan Dershowitz allegedly availing himself of Epstein's underage girls even while getting him a sweetheart deal in court - it has been difficult to know what to say.

..After all, Epstein's friends also included plenty of prominent non-Jews (Donald Trump, for instance). But two stories that broke last week have turned the Epstein case into a specifically Jewish debacle - not the generic kind an antisemite might dream up, but one rooted in the particular realties of the contemporary US Jewish establishment..."


Footage Appears To Show Prince Andrew in Jeffrey Epstein's Mansion (and vid)


"His Royal Highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion he would condone, participate in or encourage any such behaviour is abhorrent..."


'Dirty Bill' Clinton in Blue Dress with Red Heels


Portrait of former President Clinton from Epstein's Manhattan townhouse.


American Media Shuts Down the Epstein Story


"The corporate-controlled media in the United States has effectively shut down all reporting on the death of the politically connected multi-millionaire sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. This media silence is itself perhaps the most suspicious development in the entire Epstein case..."


Stunning: Epstein Signed Will 2 Days Before Death


"Information has surfaced that infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein signed a will two days before his death. This news comes after AG William Barr removed the acting head of the US Bureau of Prisons..."


Epstein's Will Emerges, But Will Victims Get Justice?


"Legal and media analyst Lionel gives his insight on the evolving case of Jeffrey Epstein and the news that the infamous pedophile signed a will just two days before his death. 'This is going to be a Gordian knot..."