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... "Stuart always emphasized that the world is a good place, full of good people, trying to do their best. He believed in people’s extraordinary capacity for love and generosity. And he had faith in our ability to work together for the common good...."



It is with deep sadness that the Vinyl Cafe family announces that Stuart McLean passed away today, February 15th, 2017, at age 68.


Very sad to hear that as well. I never met him, but he was an important figure in fostering Indigenous and in particular Cree culture.

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From the linked article about Ms. Mitchell:

"When Mitchell raised concerns about domestic abuse 35 years ago in the Commons, her comments were met with laughter."

Anybody know if PET joined in the "hilarity"?


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Ojibway author Richard Wagamese dead at 61|CBC


Award-winning author and journalist Richard Wagamese, an Ojibway from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in northwestern Ontario whose work was deeply influenced by Indigenous experiences in Canada's residential school system, has died.

Wagamese, 61, called himself a second-generation survivor of the government-sponsored schools, attended by his parents and extended family members.


Oh dear. I have a very personal connection with him, through relatives. I'm not surprised that he died relatively young, but still, it comes as a shock.


The one, the only, King of Rock n Roll, Chuck Berry.



Oh. My. God. Chuck Berry!

May his music resonate forever in heaven as on earth.

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He seems to have had a hiccup or two in his long career.  But I'll never NOT smile listening to "My Ding-a-ling".

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I'll always consider Johnny B. Goode to be the quintessential Rock n' Roll song. It doesn't get much better than this. RIP.

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Veteran Canadian comedian Bob Robertson dead at 71

Veteran Canadian comedian Bob Robertson has died at 71.

Robertson and Linda Cullen have been called the funniest married couple in Canada.

They met in Vancouver at CKNW radio where both worked — Robertson as a weatherman on the Frosty Forst morning show where he used his knack for vocal impersonations to spoof many a public figure.

Together Robertson and Cullen created the popular CBC Radio series Double Exposure, which launched in 1987 and ran for over 10 years.

I was a huge Double Exposure fan back in the early 90s. My brother and I had piano lessons at 12 and 12:30 respectively, and my mom and I used to sit in the car and listen to Double Exposure while my brother had his lesson.

Bob Robertson did the best Jean Chrétien impression. It was so good it was often indistinguishable from the real thing.

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