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CUPE Petition: Tell G8/G20 leaders: It's time for universal access to HIV treatment

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Tell G8/G20 leaders: It's time for universal access to HIV treatment

Sign the petition calling for universal access to HIV treatment 

In 2005, the G8 committed to providing access to HIV treatment, prevention, care and support for all those who need it by 2010. Despite that promise, in 2008 two million people died of AIDS-related illness, and the number of new HIV infections continues to outstrip the number of people being treated. For every two people starting treatment, a further five become infected with the virus.

The stark reality is that for every moment this promise is not kept someone is dying a preventable death or becoming infected with HIV because of lack of access to treatment and prevention services.

As G8 and G20 leaders come together in Canada, it's critical to put pressure on them to put forward a costed and time-bound plan to deliver on their commitment to achieve universal access to HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, and care services for all those in need.

You can help by endorsing our petition to G8/G20 leaders, and by sending a message to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, asking him to take a leadership role in ensuring universal access to treatment.  


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Queer G20 Call Out

"The G20 is invading Toronto from June 25 to 27 2010.

This is a callout to militant queers everywhere, trans people, dykes, homos, faggots, cocksuckers and genderfuckers: come to ATTACK!.."

Joined: Dec 27 2008

G8 Protester Arrested in Halifax

"One protester was arrested Monday morning during an anti- G8 demonstration in Halifax.."

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