Renzo turns 19

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Renzo turns 19

Renzo is my little black, part Siamese tomcat. He came to me as a homeless stray kitten. He cost me over $1000 when I was working part-time, due to an intestinal blockage due to living on the streets and eating Gord knows what. He got lost or ran away in the autumn (on Halloween!) when he was 12 and was missing for 5 weeks; I thought I'd never see him again. He returned a wraith of a cat but brebis noire the vet and other friends helped me nurse him back to health.

He will be 19 this week, don't know exact date of course; tend to celebrate him on the 18th between St-Patrick and St-Joseph, but any convenient day is good.

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Geez lagatta, don't do that again, my heart did a flip when I saw the thread title.

Bravo Renzo - long life, and happy birthday!!

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Whew!  I saw the thread title and my heart fell.

A toast to him breaking a record!  Sojme lucky cat's gotta, right?


I was so afraid to click on this one. Happy birthday Renzo!! My oldest is but 15


Happy birthday Renzo! I lived with a black kitty, also a former homeless stray, for 21 years. We've had many kitties go through this house, and Sneezy was the most gentle of them all.

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Oof, you scared me, lagatta!  I'm glad Renzo is well and aging gracefully! 



Is there any way I can change the title? When he does shuffle off this mortal coil, (unless I predecease him) the thread title will indicate that and it will be in that section. I'll write to the mods.

He is doing reasonably well; of course he spends most of his time sleeping or sunning himself on my office floor (hardwood, and I put one of his fleece throws down for him if I spot him sleeping there). Very good appetite. Pees a lot (I think all very elderly cats have some degree of kidney failure) but properly in his box, which I change at least once a day and often twice.  I find I have to brush and comb him more because he has a hard time reaching his lower back, and the fur gets tangled although he has short, sleek fur. But he enjoys that. I also have to clip his claws more. We'll see whether he goes out and down into the garden when the weather is nicer; he did sometimes last year, but others he'd go out and just stay on the back balcony.

Oh, Renzo says hello to all his admirers. Actually, he says Mrrraaaouww, which is Siamese cat for Meow or Miao.


As a cat person it's always nice to hear when they're well cared for.


Happy birthday Renzo!

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Yay! Happy birthday Renzo!  I remember that time he went missing lagatta. What a survivor!