Renzo turns 20!

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Renzo turns 20!

Yes, a starving stray tomkitten who adopted me will turn 20 this week. We don't know the exact date, as he was a stray, but the vet forthrightly stated how many weeks old he was, way back then. Teef and other signs.

We usually celebrate it on the 18th, between St. Pat's and St. Joe's (San Giuseppe). But basically, he gets some sardines...


OMG!!! Congratulations Renzo and family! Love, hugs, snuggles, and extra treats!!!

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Happy Birthday Renzo and lagatta.

what a joy for you to have him for so many years.

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These black cats, eh? My Joulsie made it to 21 and a bit. Happy sardine day to Renzo kitty!

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If only I had known, recently live trapped a couple of mice who thought they could live rent free here. I released them in a field, but if I had known about Renzo's B-day I would have sent them along to you to present to him as a gift (I think zoo keepers call it "environmental enrichment")Wink.


[url= old time's sake.[/url] [That thread dates from when Renzo turned 10.]


Oh dear, both skdadl (and her Minnie and Tildie) and Boom Boom. Frown

I was just wondering whether any of skdadl's cats were still alive. I remember that either Minnie or Tildie had died before skdadl. They were exactly the same age as Renzo. Even the youngest would be of a certain age now...

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Congrats!  That's a heck of a milestone for a cat.



This cat has Renzo's tiny white toes - but Renzo was NEVER that hefty.



Happy birthday, Renzo.

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Happy Birthday, Renzo! What a milestone!

I remember when Renzo took a mysterious voyage that had you so worried, lagatta. So happy he came home a wee bit lighter but otherwise no worse for wear.

Lovely reading the banter from 10 years ago. I miss so many of our old buddiesCry


Happy Birday Renzo! That's quite a milestone. Our feline buddy made it to 14 but sadly we lost him to a blood clot earlier this year. Cherish your time with him.