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A sad blow to Canadian music

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Joined: Dec 8 2011

The Hip were the first Canadian band i knew of.

i'm so sad. news conference at 8

Tragically Hip says lead singer Gord Downie has terminal brain cancer

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This is very very sad. "New Orleans is Sinking" is one of my favourite pieces ever.

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And this on the heels of Spirit of the West's final tour because of John Mann's early onset Alzheimer's. Shit.

alan smithee
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Cancer is a bastard. My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer,got a double mascectomy,went into remission and then it came back very aggressively from her liver to her brain. She died quickly and to this day and don't know if it was mercyful or just that much more hard to take.

First time I heard of the Tragically Hip was almost 30 years ago at a pub. The song was 'Blow At High Dough'. Very different for the time (1987 I believe)

I hope Mr.Downie's last days are comfortable and he is able to tour for a swan song.

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Winnipeg Hip fan fighting same type of cancer has died:

Joanne Schiewe held on long enough to take in what could be Gord Downie's final concert in Winnipeg, but on Monday, just weeks after the Tragically Hip show, she lost her battle with brain cancer.

"Certainly it was a hell of a fight before she went," her partner Jared Spier said. "She put up a fight that none of us could match."

Schiewe, who recently celebrated her 36th birthday, lived just past the six to 18 months she was told she would likely survive.

Schiewe was a big Tragically Hip fan who had glioblastoma, the same form of terminal brain cancer that Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie has.

Such a horrible disease, and so young too.Frown

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