Cabinet shuffle

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Cabinet shuffle

Does Patty Hadju need another $900,000 office redecoration? Can Maryam Monsef do for Women what she did for Election Reform? Why is John McCallum being sent to China? Your thoughts?

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Martin N.

No. No. McCallum is going to China in exchange for leaving cabinet gracefully plus he is raising the profile of the post as worthy of a political as opposed to a diplomatic appointment. ....Hadju needs to check her blind spot. Monsef needs to check her ambition and all the lightweights need to maximize their opportunity to grow into their jobs. ......Dion has not left gracefully, much in character with his allegedly cranky persona, getting the elbow instead. He will be mulling his future and deciding on the offered face-saving thank you posting. It's time for both old codgers to hit the road, with thanks for admirable service and make room for the new breed.

Martin N.


Sean in Ottawa

Ambassador to some countries is a perk or a pasture. Not so with the US or China or a few other places. I disagree that it is fair to consider them significant demotions. If I were PM I would want people of top cabinet quality in those roles. We have plenty to fault Trudeau for -- these proposed appointments to me do not seem to merit such objection.

If I were asked what is the best place for Dion --I would have thought Europe. Or even to the UN.

These relationships are very key for Canada right now.