Call for a NDP Federal Council Go jack GO!!!

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Call for a NDP Federal Council Go jack GO!!!

I have strongly backed Jack in the coalition decisions, seeing him as a
master strategist dealing with crisis situations, getting good things
done in a principled creative way.  We now have time to sit down as a
party with Jack and our caucus (well done all!!) and try to figure out
what next. 

No disrespect to Jack and our caucus, but,given we
are looking at some very serious situations for our party(agreed upon
Liberal/NDP government), and given we have some time before January
27th to discuss the options: Will Ignatief accept being Prime Minister
if we offer it? Do we accept Ignatief as our Prime Minister? Should
Jack dust up his resume for PM? Maybe an accord, rather than a

I would like to see a full Federal council meeting
sometime before January 27th to discuss such things. Federal council is
of course our governing body between conventions.

A full Federal council by January 27th should be doable and I don't think Jack would mind demonstrating his ability to lead.

GO!! JACK,  GO!!!

-- from the Menshevik faction of the NDP Socialist Caucus


As one who believes that the best way forward is to go through with the coalition, I support calling an emergency Federal Council meeting to discuss this matter.

V. Jara

I could support this. If a Federal Council meeting is called, I hope the Council will pass a resolution empowering Layton both to accede to or withdraw from a coalition with the Liberals supported by the Bloc Quebecois. The resolution should state the reasons why Federal Council would support the NDP's decision to either accede or withdraw, and frame it in the nature of concerns and arguments that New Democrats have been voicing on both sides. Hopefully such a resolution would strengthen the hand of the NDP in any further negotiations and provide a clear road map for the leadership as time ticks down to the January 27th deadline.

It would also be good to have a resolution identifying the major concerns of New Democrats with regards to the fiscal update, and in broad terms, the economy, so as to focus and bolster the party's messaging going forward to January 27th.

I would hope the word "Hope" gets mentioned a fair bit and that resolutions could be framed in the most optimistic/positive language possible.