Canada's Dissipated democracy

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Canada's Dissipated democracy
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It seems an unprobable coincidence how many of your posts have been blogged by some "Robert Billyard" fellow.

Do you know him? 


What exactly do you mean by an 'unprobable coincidence?'

"Unprobable has no English definition."

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Oh.  Well, nevermind.  I speling mistaked.

But I still wonder why this Robert Billyard fellow doesn't just ask for a blog instead of trying to blog via babble.

Rev Pesky

From Mr. Magoo:

Oh.  Well, nevermind.  I speling mistaked.

This made me laugh. However, it wasn't really a spelling mistake. It was a mixing of 'improbable' with 'unlikely', something I would do, especially these days when my brain often changes gears without warning (or slips into neutral, more like).

I just checked my trusty Funk & Wagnall's Standard College Dictionary, and 'unprobable' doesn't exist, which is kind of too bad. I think I like it better than 'improbable' and 'unlikely' both. Unprobable has a bit of a snarky tone to it that might come in handy on certain occasions.

As in. "You say the next leader of the NDP will swing the party to the left (slight pause). That's unprobable"

So keep it in your vocabulary, it deserves a spot