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I had no idea this was happening so I thought a thread to track Canadian military activity would be useful.

A first in the history of the RCN, HMCS Vancouver fired the missile off the coast of California while conducting a Joint Littoral Training Exercise (JoLTEX) with the U.S. Navy.

Beforehand, the Halifax-class frigate could only fire its BOFOR 57 mm Mk2 gun at land targets up to 17 kilometres. With the Harpoon Block II, it can now hit a target at up to 124 kilometres with more precision. The Canadian frigate can carry more than eight Harpoons onboard.

Made by Boeing, the Harpoon Block II is an anti-ship missile that can execute both land-strike and anti-ship missions. It is packed with more than 500 pounds of explosive and employs a GPS-aided inertial navigation system (INS) to strike land targets and docked ships.


The Boeing Harpoon Block II can also be fired from the F/A-18E Super Hornet multirole fighter. This is another reason why I believe the Super Hornet would be ideal for replacing the ageing the CF-188 Hornets.

This picture gives me chills. Canada has no need of this.

This information is from a Huffington blogger.

Jonathan Wade - Military and Foreign Affairs Specialist. Combat Veteran of Afghanistan. Specializing on Russia, Canada and the Arctic.

I googled it and found the only main news source to report on it seems to be the CBC four days ago.


Pondering wrote:


This picture gives me chills. Canada has no need of this.


I agree, we should always close to hand grenade and bayonet distance.

I kid but all joking aside what is it you don't think Canada has need of? CF18 jets, Halifax-class frigates or the harpoon missle?

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Paladin1 wrote:

I kid but all joking aside what is it you don't think Canada has need of? CF18 jets, Halifax-class frigates or the harpoon missle?

All of the above? If we stopped being in a perpetual war why would we need most of that kind of hardware?

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In case Donald Trump wins?


Petition to stop Canada’s planned $30 billion Purchase of New Warplanes and Warships.


Canada Should Resist Boosting Its Defence Spending

"That's right folks. Trump's 10 per cent increase to the US military is now greater than Russia's entire defence budget. For Canada, Trump's prioritization of defence spending means that we will be under enormous pressure to boost our own defence budget. To meet NATO's goal would require a 100 per cent increase..."



Canada should boost it's defense budget.

We're deploying service members with shitty personal equipment, tired weapons, ill fitting and poor quality uniforms and boots, vehicles that are falling apart (still using a vehicle from the 50's). We have to rent cargo ships to move around the world. Screwing over service members (and our military in general) to give Trump a fuck you is ridiclous.


I have to point out that in the last year the department nd got almost 5 billion increase. 

2015-  23,669

2016- 28,519 billion

increase 20.5 % year over year.  They had payday in last year.

expense table 6-see

Direct program expenses include transfer payments to individuals and other organizations not included in major transfers to persons and other levels of government, and other direct program expenses, which consist of operating expenses of National Defence, other departments and agencies, and expenses of Crown corporations. Direct program expenses increased by $7.8 billion, or 6.8 per cent, in 2015–16

  • Other transfer payments decreased by $0.3  billion, or 0.7 per cent.
  • Other direct program expenses increased by $8.1  billion, or 10.2 per cent.
    • Crown corporation expenses increased by $0.8 billion, or 10.1 per cent, due in large part to an increase in commercial trading transactions of the Canadian Commercial Corporation.
    • National Defence expenses increased by $4.9  billion, or 20.5 per cent, largely reflecting the accrual impact of amendments made to veterans future benefit plans in 2015–16.
    • All other departmental and agency expenses increased by $2.5 billion, or 5.1 per cent, reflecting an increase in pension and other future benefit costs based on the Government’s latest actuarial valuations and a one-time expense recorded in 2015–16 related to the write-down of taxes receivable.

Public debt charges decreased by $1.0 billion, or 3.8 per cent, to $25.6 billion in 2015–16, reflecting a lower average effective interest rate on the stock of interest-bearing debt.




I have no interest feeding the industrail miltiary complex.  If allowed this happen in world war 2 we could possibly lost the war.

1      6.1-inch round of ammoution ship gun costs 800,000.  This not a missle, this is a shell.  Like big bullet fired for large gun.  This was suppoused to cost 50,000 a round now its 800,000.  Not enough money to train or fire the gun.  I want social housing, welfare schemces, not military projects that to expensive to be used.


The industrail miltiary complex is why we won WW2. We we able to produce more 'stuff' than the Germans.

I don't disagree that incredible amounts of money is wasted in the military. We need to fix the system so that the every day members recieve benifits from the military budget and not million dollar experiments.

The military is often called upon when disasters strike at home and abroad. The military should have the capability to send their own ships to a disaster-struck area and help facilitate the evacuation of Canadian nationals. The Canadian citizens sent into harms way by the government should have the proper equipment.


That last sentence you wrote is very subjective.

"""The Canadian citizens sent into harms way by the government should have the proper equipment."""

2010 one canadian soldier sent to Afganstian cost about 525 000 a years.  With of some expenses left out in the figure

2010 1 one american soldier sent to Afganstian cost about 1, 300 000  a year.

I believe that US soldier is best equipped and supported soldier in the world.  How much would it cost to have "proper equipment" 100,000 am year, maybe another half a million if your trying to reach parity with the US.


SeekingAPoliticalHome I don't think that example is a good counter-point to what I was suggesting. Poitns from the article.

-We don't break down costs by individuals.

-Nor does it include the $2 billion in equipment and infrastructure that Canada currently has in Afghanistan.

It doesn't go into details about equipment for individual service members which was my point.  They'll spend millions on big stuff but our personal equipment sucks. There is a lot of over spending and crap for head quarters and offices and little luxeries here and there.  It sucks because the Canadian government forces the military to use equipment made in Canada by Canadian companies, largely for political reasons. The whole "it creates jobs". Nice a nice thought until someone is shooting at you and you have crappy equipment to protect yourself with. We won world war 2 in a shoter amount of time than it took to design test and issue a backpack to Canadian soldiers. Imagine a person telling you that they don;t have any boots, uniforms or body armor for you; now imagine that person being cooled off by a $800 directional desk top air conditioner. 



Are speaking from personal experience?   If you are then I will cide the point to you.  My experience with Canadian Forces was in the late 90's.  I was a reservist in during my university years, a 6 months time period where I passed basic training and then they wanted to send me to infantry course in the summer break.  What I learnted during me experience  was I disliked the outdoors (alot) so infantry was out of the question.  As for equipment we got new thermal underware, undergarments (t shirts), and new boots, the rest was hand me downs if I recall correctly.  You were expected to get a foldabe multitool gadgit and I purchased a swiss army kinve for backup.  No dress uniforms but we had access during cermonies and as needed from the armories inventory. Basic kit. 

As procurment sourcing the government is more interested secondary objectives like jobs.  Tied aid was very like you describe, not sure if its still done.  Canada sends dollars to groups on the condition they buy Canadian goods.  As for Canadian manufacutured goods I can not comment on the quality of the gear.   My frame of judgement was limited ( I got basic kit can not compare it to other gear because all I knew was what I got). 


It sounds like we have a bit in common. I wonder if you got the green waffle thermal underwear or the bright smurf blue stuff back then? I was lured in to the infantry by "liking camping".  The personal equipment took a down turn. Getting issued two pairs of boots went down to one, then new recruits would have to wear running shoes because there weren't any boots in the system for them. Or they would be given heavy goretex lined and padded boots which would make their feet sweat in the summer. Our stuff is either now falling apart or it takes decades to get a piece of equipment in. The equipment we do use is decided upon for political reasons and not practical ones.


Maybe I shouldn't say we shoul increase the military budget, maybe I should say we should drastically change how the military budget is spent.


I got green waffle, every one in my training group green waffle. No boots? running shoes that is shocking. We were given a small can of silicone to make them less prone to leak.  For me even new boots were a problem, I got spent a lot time fighting salt stains which were a pain in the butt to deal with. But the boot thing is wild.  I would not begrude any recruit boots.  I found the whole thing disheartening no boots in the system, but trying procure the f-35. 

"Maybe I shouldn't say we shoul increase the military budget, maybe I should say we should drastically change how the military budget is spent."  Sign me up for that.


Canadian Armed Forces Document Calls For 'Heavier Weapons' To Confront Child Soldiers in Africa

How to kill kids in Africa the nice Canadian way...


Bumbling NATO Instructors in Ukraine

Glad to hear it. Carry on!


Sicily: The Base For A US/NATO Attack


"From 12-24 March, along Sicily's Mediterranean coast, the NATO naval drill 'Dynamic Manta' is taking place. Military navies from the US, CANADA, Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Turkey will all be a part of it. The launching pad for the 16 naval units earmarked for the operation, The Californian SSN-781, a US nuclear submarine for rapid attack.

We cannot think about liberating ourselves from the powers represented by the European Union without first liberating ourselves from the domination and influence which the US is exercising over Europe, be it directly or through NATO."


"How to kill kids in Africa the nice Canadian way..."

Yup, pretty nasty eh? Using heavier machine guns to mow down waves of children WW1 style. Incidentally would you have an anternative method of dealing with waves of attackers armed with AK47s or machettes?

Child soldiers are common in Africa so if we send Canadians there get ready to see pictures and videos of Canadians shooting kids.


As far as the Ukraine goes their soldiers are still fairly undiciplined at the individual soldier level by western standards but they can handle themselves in a fight. In some cases visiting soldiers with no combat experience are "training and teaching" Ukrainian soldiers who have combat experience...


 Remember Shidane Arone..


I do yes. I don't see the relevance though?