Charlie Angus Calls Justin Trudeau - "Head Butler For The Uber Rich"

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Mighty Middle
Charlie Angus Calls Justin Trudeau - "Head Butler For The Uber Rich"

Have “corporate executives” and the lobbyists who serve as their for-hire emissaries within the corridors of power had “too much access to, and influence over” the current government?

That, it seems, is the case that the New Democrats intend to make when they seize temporary control over the House agenda during their first designated opposition day of the spring sitting, courtesy of a motion that manages to work in references to everything from the SNC-Lavalin controversy to the Kinder Morgan pipeline buy-in to tax loopholes that to the wealthy to that now notorious $12 million “handout” to Loblaws.

The motion will get a full day’s airing on the floor of the Chamber, with the debate expected to begin shortly after noon.

In the House, the NDP and Conservatives threw partisan jabs at the Liberals and at each other during the debate about corporate influence over the government.

Conservative MP Garnett Genuis rose to press the NDP for its position on corporate competitiveness. NDP MP Charlie Angus later called the prime minister "head butler for the uber rich" to make his party's point.

Their partisan barbs moved Green Party Leader Elizabeth May to speak.

She suggested the NDP motion's wording should be changed to take "some of the partisanship out of this motion" because corporate and lobbying interests in policy-making is an "endemic" problem that faces all parties and previous governments.


It is an interesting strategy, and if the media cover it, a good way for the NDP to distinguish itself from the LPC and the CPC.

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so, any info on what the actual motion is? Neither article includes its text that I can see. 


It is an excellent strategy whether the MSM covers it properly or not. I hope the NDP stays focused on this and the environment.