Conservatives annex Santa's Workshop

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Conservatives annex Santa's Workshop

Less than three weeks after the Canadian government proposed
legislation to expand the country's sovereignty over Arctic waters, its
citizenship minister is shoring up Canada's claim to the Far North by
declaring Santa Claus, a longtime resident of the North Pole, to be a
Canadian citizen.

"The Government of Canada wishes Santa the very
best in his Christmas Eve duties and wants to let him know that, as a
Canadian citizen, he has the automatic right to re-enter Canada once
his trip around the world is complete," said Jason Kenney, the minister
of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, in an official


Oh, so lame!


Hey, they're just trying to establish a toy tax haven ...


(P.S., Is this going to become the wishing everyone a merry christmas thread, by the way?  If so ... to all a good night, and all that!)

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Dear little girls and boys,

 We regret to inform you that Santa Claus (a.k.a. St. Nick, Kris
Kringle, Father Christmas, etc.) will not be performing his appointed
rounds for the indefinite future.  He is currently being held at
Guantanamo under suspicion of terrorism and smuggling, and has been
classified as an "Enemy Combatant."

Department of Homeland Security


(from a friend)


We have zero tolerance about driving; would likely apply to sleighs. and government?:

And about those other Christmas "spirits", past present future etc., please help us out by taking this poll: Which Christmas spirit do you think most likely can affect a change of heart in the PM

cheers ;)