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As there is another thread for what I wanted to post already.

voice of the damned

Does the fact that Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec all seem poised to sweep out NDP/Liberal governments provincially provide Scheer the additional boost that he needs to win 2019 the way that the NDP surged after Notley`s victory in 2015?

I believe it's one of the unoffical rules of Canadian politics that you can't extrapolate from provincial to federal. Notley's victory was not accompanied by any seat-gain for the NDP in Alberta federally(granted, I'm not sure about their popular vote), and whatever "surge" the party might have experienced nationally obviously did not translate into any new seats.  

And Quebec might be an even more complicated case, because the Liberals there are considered to be the more conservative of the two parties(as in BC), so even if their upcoming ouster does portend anything federally, who does it benefit?