"FLQ manifesto will remain part of Plains of Abraham event, says artistic director"

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martin dufresne

Your latest one, post #98.


Space at McGill is limited, old bean.  Even I couldn't get in, and I'm a Westmount Rhodesian Ridgeback, or something.

We will get to McGill in another thread, as space is limited here too, and we are about to be closed for length.  My life story.

Here are two of your favorite targets at the same time: McGill and uppity Anglos. From the McGill Tribune.  Look!

"McGill student kicked off STM bus for speaking English"


"[The "harassed" bus driver] pointed to the clock and kept saying 'Quebec, Quebec,'" said ["offending" passenger Muhammad Ahmad Munir]. After telling her twice that he did not understand French, she responded in English, saying: "I don't speak English." ...

The police, however, didn't approach Munir regarding the complaint. Munir and the other passengers waited by the side of the road for 20 minutes until the next bus came. But when the next bus arrived it let passengers off and then proceeded to drive away.

Given ... Montreal's multicultural and multilingual environment, Munir sees no reason for any prejudice to exist. In fact, Munir chose to pursue his post-graduate studies at McGill particularly for the French aspect of Montreal. Although he was disturbed by this incident, it has not colored Munir's feelings towards the city ...

What time is it? Why it's Quebec, of course.