FMR NDP MP Ryan Cleary Tells All!

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FMR NDP MP Ryan Cleary Tells All!



Former MP Ryan Cleary reflects on his time in Ottawa in a four part series

1) Life on the moon

2) Seal flippers, moose meat and political sheep

3) 'Fit to be tied'

4) Angry Tom and crooked Cleary

Basement Dweller

A synopsis please, if anyone is willing.


I've only read #4, about Cleary's relationship with Tom Mulcair, which seems to have been decent.

Cleary doesn't say anything really negative about Tom, but he does pontificate on whether the Federal & Provincial NDP should be separated, and whether it is a mistake for Federal NDP staffers to be unionized.

Cleary says he doesn't intend to run for Federal office again, and says he found the backlash on social media against him over his decision to run for the provincial PC's very hard on his family.


CPC Senator Fabian Manning calls Liberal MP Seamus O'Regan that "f—king Liberal” ! 


Fabian Manning has no business even being in the Senate.

He was re-appointed after being defeated a 2nd time.