Fracking oil companies and their toxic waste

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Fracking oil companies and their toxic waste
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Hydraulic fracturing wastewater shown to contain high levels of radioactive contaminants has been sitting in two open containment pits in Hants County, Nova Scotia, since 2007, the Media Co-op has learned.

A Freedom of Information request has also revealed that the water likely contains a slew of other chemicals, including known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors.

Triangle Petroleum Corporation, the Denver-based company responsible for creating the ponds, announced on April 16, after having stalled on remediating the wastewater for over four years, that it was “contemplating a total exit” from its operations in Nova Scotia. The company’s announcement coincided with the provincial NDP’s announcement that its review of the environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing, initially slated for a Spring 2012 release, would be extended into 2014.

This needs to be ended everywhere.  Its no time to study something that is destroying ground water across the continent. Its time to ban it.

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I totally agree fracking should be banned, but with a federal government and provincial governments allowing the practice, banning seems a very, very long way off - if ever. And it's widespread in the US - there's even a film that discusses it (Gasland). And we have a babble thread on the topic  already open not to mention the previous threads on the subject, and discussions on rabble, too.

ETA: Has anyone seen an update to this story? Quebec bans any fracking pending studies

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This is probably the most famous case related to fracking in the US:

Dimock, PA Water Deemed Safe By EPA

Dimock became ground zero for the debate about fracking after Josh Fox, the director of Oscar-nominated 2010 documentary called "Gasland," visited the town and met residents who feared their water was contaminated by the drilling.


I am interviewed in that article. The author and I have a fairly long interview piece coming up on commercial news radio this weekend.

One of the things we got from persistent Freedom of Information pursuit of documents, is the lab data with all the readings for the radioactivity in the water.

We have not yet managed to come up with some independent competent advice on interpreting the results. So if you know of anyone who knows their way around NORM standards and measurements- or might know someone who knows someone.... send me a PM.


Interesting how such a clear East/West divide has developed in Canada, and to a lesser degree the US, over rolling out the red carpet to fracking.

It is universally gung ho by governments in the West [and I believe the BC NDP is on record as supporting the continuation]. Our governments in the East are not to be trusted, but they have been more cautious from the beginning.... and now we have moratoriums that are facts on the ground, and it remains to be seen whether they will ever be lifted. [At least not until after gas prices rise substantially.]

This is very true for New York as well. Pennsylvannia is still gung ho, and the industry has forced divides in communities, but their are definitely starians much more than in the west. [Arkansas is more or less the same situation as PA, bit less intensity.]


and the fracking for natural gas and poisoning ground water goes hand in hand as backup for industrial wind turbines, which is really all about "green washing" - another lovingly dividing situation in communities. I think that there needs to be sustainable development.

Buddy Kat

Don't worry the city fucks are paying for their ignorance and selfish denyal of what is happening to their country men that depend on aquifers and safe water etc.  A little known fact about the finished product (natural gas) that is piped in to their homes poisoning their family 24/7 and they haven't got a clue..I kid you not it"s like potty training trying to inform people on how their government is a true terror organization killing people in the long term....poisoning them and getting away with it. Whether they like it or not Radon gas is in natural gas , piped thru pipelines and in their homes and lungs ...and I'm not even mentioning what the toxic byproduct of CO(carbon monoxide)  is doing to them..I'm saving that one for a song. Which you can preview here:

Carbon Monoxide Lobotomy


About Radon in natural gas



New New


Audio clip of the article author and I- live interview.

In which I toss out the additional fact that other waste waters were dumped in Halifax Harbour.

Buddy Kat

Well at least they are placing a moratorium on any develoment...I hope the people there are getting their water supply checked for heavy metals , radioactive compunds and a good thorough analysis...this may help , especially if they have water lab results from before the frackers came  for possible injunctions later.

These company's will do litterly anything if the government doesn't intervene and they will show no mercy to anyone they poison or the environment they contaminate, but they do understand the word injunction and that has to be done by someone directly affected.....I sure hope in the future you don't get a ruling I seen once where the progniosis was , after peoples water supplies were contaminated and the crown jumping up and down saying it's the "crowns water and we can do what we want to it" do you like that...for a response.

From the Geneva convention it's a crime to make water unfit for human consumption or cause people to move away due to poisoning the water or making it unfit for them to grow crops etc...Neocon F*&^s like to always point out ..that's for times of war...The gist here is your not allowed to treat your worst enemy's that  way, how can the government allow a company to treat their own citzens like that... I think yer lucky you have a government that is at least listening...

Here listen to the soundbytes in this song (about a minute in) actual town meeting, and some radio reports...not included is the sound byte where the gas company said "They will decide whats good for the people of the province"...removed cause the gas spokesman married a close friend..damn..boy did he get shit for that .

T-Gas Kiss My Ass


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Canadians don't care how polluted their precious water becomes. Funny that.