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Get ready for Justin-mania!

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David Young
Joined: Dec 9 2007

It looks more and more obvious to me that the Liberals would rather have the devil they know as government (Conservatives) than risk having another party become government, and have the Canadian people see that the Liberal Party is no longer necessary on the political scene.

Or can anyone come up with a better explanation for what happened this week?


Arthur Cramer
Joined: Nov 30 2010

Nope, I think you are the right. The ONLY thing the Libs are about is power, purely and simply. They'd vote NDP is they thought we might form a government. You are bang on. This is ENTIRELY, about power.

Joined: Jul 6 2008

Don't concern yourselves too much with Trudeau. He's no Pierre, and well on the road to self-destruction in the leadership arena. Trudeau's getting his little moment in the sun, but wait until the Calgary-Centre election results come in.

Imagine if he was talking about our province: Quebec commentators chide Trudeau

The Liberal MP and leadership candidate blamed the country's problems on Albertans controlling the political agenda in a 2010 French-language television show that resurfaced this week.

The interview didn't make any waves in Quebec when it first aired but some pundits now argue Trudeau was out of line.

One newspaper columnist hypothesized about what would happen if the tables were turned, and Quebec were on the receiving end of such comments.

Yves Boisvert of Montreal's La Presse said Quebecers would be outraged if another high-profile politician made similar statements about their own province.

"We can easily imagine the howls we'd make if a contender for the leadership of a federal party spoke in such generalizing terms about Quebecers," Boisvert said in a column on the newspaper's website.

Boisvert suggested that Trudeau supporters should "start to ask serious questions about the quality of his political judgment, and his judgment in general."

To lump all Albertans together, as traditionally conservative as the province may be, demonstrates a "lack of prudence," Boisvert said.

A writer for the magazine L'Actualite said the comments could hurt Trudeau for a long time to come as he tries to make inroads in Western Canada.

"In one fell swoop, this particular interview revives doubts shared by many in Western Canada about the federal Liberals," Manon Cornellier said in a blog post.

"What should they believe? What Justin Trudeau said only two years ago or what he's saying now, as he seeks their support in his bid for the Liberal Party of Canada."

In the interview on Les francs-tireurs, Trudeau said that "Canada isn't doing well right now because it's Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda."

He also said Canada would be better served if there were more Quebecers than Albertans in charge.

Joined: May 30 2011

Arthur Cramer wrote:


As I posted elsewhere, arrogance without depth, its a dangerous combination!


ETA: If that is what he sounds like when he is trying to channel his dad (blessed behis memory), or Obama, I think Lou is right, he is going to sound really stupid. Talk about trying to speak with gravitus, and failing. Oh by the way, the reporter with the smirk, that was priceless!

lol i showed it to my friend who flirt Justin, she said

"hahaha, whatever. All politicians act the same way when they want to be elected. lol"

Joined: Apr 24 2007

Everybody loves Justie especially the NRA - Canada: Liberal leader calls long-gun registry 'a failure'

Joined: Dec 11 2005

Thank goodness Justin-mania fizzled two years ago... otherwise, we'd have seen lots more posts in this memorable thread!!

[Just doing a year-end Justin review, folks...]

Jacob Two-Two
Joined: Jan 16 2002

Whatever, shit disturber. Wink I may provoke lots of dumb arguments lately, but at least I don't try to stir up other people's fights for my own amusement.Tongue out

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