Jagmeet Singh for NDP leader?

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Jagmeet Singh for NDP leader?

I haven’t 100% decided who I would support, and in a way I’m happy that there’s no obvious frontrunner, it forces us to think hard and be open to outside candidates. As such what do people think about the idea of Jagmeet Singh for NDP leader? 

From what I’ve heard he’s fluent in French, he’s youngish, articulate, extremely effective at Queens Park, seasoned as a defence lawyer (which becomes obvious when he grills the Ontario Liberals over human rights), quick, and to be honest kind of charismatic. 

I want as many candidates as possible to come forward, but perhaps he fits the bill of what the party is looking for. 

For me, however, he would have to reject the portions of the Leap Manifesto that undermine Rachel Notley’s climate change strategy and imply Canada’s withdrawal from NAFTA, but if he were willing to do that….. 

I dunno. What do people think?

I’m also intrigued by Nathan Cullen (even though I thought joint nominations with the Liberal Party was a bad idea, I still think he has good judgement and a lot of strengths), Niki Ashton (but again, she would have to reject the two poison pills in the Leap Manifesto), and Alexandre Boulerice (ditto with him on Leap, however).

What do people think about him as a leadership candidate? Should a #DraftJagmeet movement get underway, lol?

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This should be in the NDP Leadership Race thread... we can't have a different thread for each potential leadership candidate.



I disagree. There are only so many potential NDP leadership candidates who have been suggested so far, and a thread as broad in description as "NDP leadership," includes too many different topics. I more want to gauge support amongst fellow New Democrats for Jagmeet Singh: hear some pros, some cons, etc.




Never thought at the time that this was a very real possibility. How things change in politics.

Mighty Middle

Posted this in another thread, but I thought I'd post it here as well

In today's Globe and Mail Jagmeet Singh not only compares himself to Justin Trudeau, but to Barack Obama as well!

On competing with Justin Trudeau

"I happen to be younger, cooler and better-dressed, so actually it's not fighting fire with fire…It's fighting … I can't think of something hotter than fire, with something less hot than fire."

On being a visible minority

"Instead of asking if Canada is ready, I would say Canada needs this," he told an elderly white woman in Merritt who cited prejudice in her own community. "Nobody thought America was ready for Obama, but America needed Obama."

The quotes come for questions he was asked at a town hall in Merritt BC. His answers came from questions from the audience NOT from any journalist.

Unfortunately this article is only available to Globe subscribers.