Jagmeet Singh, NDP Leader

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Jagmeet Singh, NDP Leader

I am surprised no one started a more general thread yet so here it is.


I have heard comments both here and in the media that Jagmeet Singh will do poorly in Quebec. It's quite possible that he will do poorly here but I wouldn't bet on it. Quebecers are not single issue voters and we are notoriously unpredictable.


Jagmeet Singh, the freshly-elected New Democrat leader, said in Ottawa Monday he thinks Spain’s denial of Catalan self-determination rights is completely unacceptable. In comments made in French, Singh also criticized Trudeau’s government for not speaking up more about what happened.

This may not be meaningful across the Canada but it is meaningful in Quebec.

The leader of the federal Bloc Québécois, Martine Ouellet, is in Barcelona and has offered a steady stream of video updates on her Facebook page describing updates to the situation.....

Provincial Parti Québécois leader Jean-François Lisée called Sunday a black day for Europe and for democracy. On social media, he said Spain’s government should be denounced and noted German Chancellor Angela Merkel had called the Spanish leader upon reports of violence. “Et Trudeau?” he tweeted.

Quebec premier Philippe Couillard was quick to react Sunday. Quebec condemns all forms of violence, he said in a tweet.

It didn't hurt Trudeau in Quebec that he is anti-nationalist and a staunch federalist. Jagmeet Singh's position on this won't result in a basketful of votes dropping in his lap, but it will get attention and respect. I don't know whether or not he will be a good leader or if I will agree with all of his policies. I already know I don't agree with him on PR but I do agree with him on decriminalizing all use of prohibited drugs. My opinion could change but I think he has excellent political instincts. He knows when to speak up quickly and emphatically.

I think he made a great choice in Guy Caron as parliamentary leader. I think it is smart to focus on rebuilding the party rather than running for a seat and hanging out in parliament. The importance of appearing in person to NDP members and supporters cannot be overestimated. He will meet with and hear from local NDP leadership. Social media and data management are critical but a strong ground game is at least as important in preparing for 2019. I think again of the 2015 election and what voters paid attention to. They didn't evaluate the previous 4 years. They were ready to elect Harper again, then Mulcair, then Trudeau. So, the wisest think for Jagmeet to do is to build up a strong team and platform with which to fight the election in 2019. That fact that Trudeau also took that approach shouldn't prevent Singh from doing the same if it is the best strategy for increasing support.