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Language and politics

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I put this here because I am interested in the topic as it pertains or relates to Canadian politics.

In the summer of 2011, few could predict that today Justin Trudeau would be hailed as a symbol of hope for progressives facing anti-globalization forces.

Trudeau is being framed as progressive because he is pro trade deals like CETA and TPP. That frames trade deals as progressive.

 I have noticed a trend towards painting people who are against specific trade deals as regressive, trying to hold the world back. There are frequent articles about how gobalization has lifted millions if not billions out of poverty. (Macron is also being painted as progressive).

I am not claiming there is some big conspiracy, just the people that control the news share a certain world view.  The left is being painted as economically regressive, wanting to hold back progress, unable to accept the limitations of the state and the right is being painted as socially regressive and economically extreme.


MSM media is also ignoring the contradiction between Trudeau's pronouncements on building a green economy and signing the Paris Agreement on carbon emissions and approving the Keystone, Enbridge Line 3 and Kinder Morgan pipelines. Looks like the Liberals are going to repeat their Kyoto Protocol approach where they agreed to decrease emission by 6% by 2012, but instead, with the help of the Conservatives after 2006, increased it by 24% by 2008.