Mr. Trudeau and the Chinese lobby: Context matters

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Mr. Trudeau and the Chinese lobby: Context matters
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Would a small snippet be out of the question?

Book jackets often feature a little nibble.  And Hollywood blockbusters always have a trailer, so you can get an idea of whether it's worth your time.

How about a couple of paragraphs, indigo 007?  You can pick the best ones.

voice of the damned

From CBC:

The $1.5-billion takeover of Canadian construction company Aecon Group Inc. by a division of a Chinese state-owned company has been pushed back, because the federal government is conducting a national security review of the deal.

I guess depending on who's reading this thread at any given time, Trudeau's review will either be condemned as a meaningless gesture of empty resistance against our tyrannical Chinese overlords, or else condemned as a vicious attack on the world-liberating potential of the New Silk Road by Uncle Sam's Ottawa bootlickers.