NAFTA: Our "dream team" strikes out

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NAFTA: Our "dream team" strikes out

We are about to take a big hit economically:

voice of the damned

A telling footnote to the TPP negotiations came when a Japanese official assumed the US would be negotiating on Canada’s behalf.  So much for our international reputation as a sovereign nation.

So, even if Canada were exercising its sovereignty to the fullest extent possible, would that guarantee that this Japanese official would know about who negotiates for Canada in trade agreements? How do we know the guy isn't just an idiot who knows dick-all about the world?

I mean, if it were an American trade-official thinking, for example, that the UK negotiates for Australia, I think the analysis around here would be "Just another dumbassed Yank". But when it's a Japanese guy who doesn't know anything about Canada, well, clearly it's our fault.

voice of the damned

And according to what I read on babble, Bernie Sanders galvanized the American working-class with his promises to get rid of NAFTA, and could have ridden that to the White House if given the opportunity. 

But it's hard to see how that should have been the case, if, as per Indigo, the US is just getting fabulously rich off of the whole deal. Shouldn't this be the Golden Age For American Workers, raking it in by ripping off Canadians and Mexicans?

And if you want to reply "Well, it's only the American ruling-class that benefits from NAFTA", fine. But that's a bit different than saying "America" benefits. If American workers are getting ripped off just as surely as Canadian workers are, and the Canadian ruling-class getting as rich as their American counterparts, that kinda complicates the whole "US vs. Canada" narrative.