NATO and the lies we live by

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NATO and the lies we live by

An Open Letter

NATO and the lies we live by

               The stalking horse that marches us into endless warfare and global fascism.

 Canadians and Americans have a few things in common. One is that we live behind a wall of pro-Western propaganda, carefully built by a less than diligent media and indolent politicians.

 NATO depends on the wall to operate under false pretenses and practice endless warfare. This grand treachery is sustained by a propagandist and corporatist mainstream media (MSM) and politicians more than willing to go along with the big lie.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) came into being in 1949. It was created as a defense alliance for Western Europe in the face of the looming Cold War l with the now defunct USSR.  Similarly, the USSR formed the Warsaw Pact, a block of Eastern European countries, to guard its western flank.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, Russia was stripped of its satellites and left as a stand-alone country. The Warsaw Pact was disbanded. NATO was to move on to another incarnation. Even though it had served its purpose as a defense alliance, It too should have been disbanded. NATO was to become America’s stalking horse as part of its triumphalism in “winning” the Cold  War.  As the world’s singular superpower it was free to pursue global hegemony. ) NATO was no longer Euro-centric but became the globalized stalking horse in service to the empire 

This pursuit of global hegemony is documented in both the Wolfowitz Doctrine (1992) and the Program for a New American Century (PNAC, 1997).  These are pivotal to understanding what drives American foreign policy. They are readily available on the internet, yet are taboo subjects of discussion.  They are simply too explicatory of America’s true intentions. Greater public awareness of these would blow big holes in the propaganda wall.

Where European governments have been naively willing to see NATO corrupted in service to American imperial ambitions it is only now that their populations are waking up to the fact that NATO has become an agent of continuous warfare and actually undermines their peace and security.  Their intransigent political elites maintain their blind loyalty to American treachery.

 NATO’s big lie is to present itself as a defense alliance. Both the media and politicians condone the flagrant misrepresentation.  In the current confrontation with Russia, NATO, Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg claims, “we do not want a new cold war,… we do not want confrontation,… what we do is proportionate, and defensive”.

These fatuous claims come from a NATO that accounts for 65% of annual global military spending; a NATO that is run by an empire that spends half its annual national budget on military and security spending. It has almost a thousand military bases spanning the planet, and its stated goal is global domination.  

When Stoltenberg makes the claim “we do not want to start another cold war” he is showing an alarming disconnect from reality as Cold War ll has been on-going for some time. As a result of American triumphalism, both Russia and China have been forced into a new arms race. Both countries are in fact under siege to America’s globe-spanning military capability.  Just as NATO is playing a reckless game of brinkmanship with Russia on its western border, the US Navy, as part of  Obama’s “Asia Pivot”, is harassing China in the South China  Sea.

When Stoltenberg makes the claim, “we do not want confrontation,” his credibility sinks below the waterline. NATO has been the belligerent of the 21st century. Neither Russia nor China can match its military capabilities. They are merely regional powers who block America’s road to global hegemony, and, fortunately for them; they have strong nuclear deterrents.  If they did not have “the bomb” they would have been overrun long ago as have smaller countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria.

His sense of the “proportionate, and defensive” is clearly skewed as the  NATO stalking horse has been closing in on both Russia and China since the end of Cold War l.

The maw of empire requires the continuous manufacture of enemies to quench its hunger for endless conquest. Enemies must be conscripted, demonized, and their leaders vilified. It is an old and familiar pattern.

Russia becomes the enemy only because it blocks America’s ambition of global hegemony. It challenges the Wolfowitz Doctrine which states that no country, big or small, can be allowed to abstain from America’s global domination. This is why Hillary Clinton designates Russian President Vladimir Putin as the new Hitler. Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper was quick to follow with his smearing of Putin, and now Justin Trudeau has joined in.

Russia is also the designated enemy because the US wants to block any sort of rapprochement between Europe and Russia. Where they should be natural allies, the US drives a wedge into the relationship. The US is using both NATO and the EU to control and dominate Europe. Tragically, European political elites are so delusional as to accept this treachery at a high cost to their economies and the social fabric of their countries.

 The historical irony here leaves one breathless.  Europe escaped Nazi fascism only to rush into the loving embrace of American fascism, and Russia, who took 27 million casualties to facilitate Europe's WWll liberation, is now the villain.  

 Once you get past the North American media propaganda wall, you will find in the speeches and statements of Putin and his foreign minister Sergey Lavrov a very different story.  All they ask is Russia’s right to co-exist.  Putin’s worldview is multilateralist, whereas, the US is tenaciously unilateral. Any hint of multilateral cooperation with other nations diminishes its power and ability to bend the world to its wishes.

Canada as the pathetic NATO dupe

Canada is now 1 of 28 member NATO countries.  Twenty-seven of these are vassal states blindly following America’s lead.  During Cold War l the Warsaw Pact guarded Russia’s Western flank, now it is populated with American puppet states, which are also NATO  members.  This allows the US, thru NATO, to control the militaries of these countries and gives it the opportunity to install strategic weaponry on Russia’s doorstep.   Little wonder Putin is miffed at American ABM’s being installed in Romania, purportedly for defensive purposes when they can be covertly converted to nuclear warheads and become offensive weapons targeting Moscow, arriving on 5 minutes notice.   

Such aggressive and stupid brinkmanship on the part of NATO leads to Russia having to consider a pre-emptive strike to ensure its continued existence?

Canada already has troops in the Ukraine, we are deploying troops to  Latvia, and most recently, we are now sending troops to Africa.  Where our forces in the Ukraine and Latvia are allegedly there to defend the peace against Russian aggression they are really there as part of the NATO gang-bang on Russia.   These deployments are part of the NATO lie, it’s warmongering and a very perilous and stupid brinkmanship.

Our foreign policy is so absurd that Global Affairs Minister Stephan Dion advocates rapprochement with Russia while the prime minister deploys troops to provoke a war with Russia.

Canada’s foreign policy is a pathetic charade. We claim lofty motives, but mindlessly serve the dogs of war and the pack mentality that so insidiously undermines our peace and security and that of the larger world.

The derelict mainstream media  

It is a well-worn cliché that truth is the first casualty of war.  The North American mainstream media(MSM) will have done more than their share if WWlll does break out. Part of their dereliction is that they are so naïve as to think that they own the truth when there are well established authoritative alternate news sources willing to speak truth to power,-small wonder governments want to censor the internet and know of every website we visit! 

News gathering in the 21st century must be multi-sourced as necessitated by the corruptions of the MSM. Too often it becomes no more than a measuring stick for what is not being told.

To make the claim that NATO is part of the big lie by which we live invites all sorts of derisive comments and accusations- including being a traitor.  The propaganda wall though has huge breaches in it, and these are not hard to find- they are literally at our fingertips.

 Just as NATO is clearly a stalking horse for war, so too is the MSM working hand in glove to deliberately distort our window on the world.

We might want to consider that Russia is not the enemy. We are our own worst enemy as we allow ourselves to be endlessly addicted to warfare, militarism and all the lies we live by.

It is a profound indictment of Western political elites, that we come out of the wreckage of WWll, only to embrace Cold War l, then the concocted War on Terror and now Cold War ll.

Mankind’s epitaph might well read, Too many lies, one too many wars.


Robert Billyard ©2016

This article may be freely distributed.

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Yes, the political component is very significant, but it is also worthwhile underlining the economic aspects to the endless war machine. Military spending is very, very profitable. And profits trump all things. Secondly, even if NATO, currently, is not counting on immediate war, the impoverishment of their regional rivals into useless military spending is part of the plan. Even if direct war with either Russia or China does not take place, these countries can be provoked into wasting billions. Think about the former Soviet Union. Brzezinski, then Jimmy Carter's NS Advisor, has since made it very clear that it was their expressed aim to entangle the Soviets in their own Viet Nam, bleeding the state coffers and creating political instability in that country. 

So it's worthwhile to flesh things out a bit. And it's always good to link the politics back to the economics.