NDP MP's consider run for Vancouver Mayor

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NDP MP's consider run for Vancouver Mayor

Looks like Don Davies is seriously considering jumping from federal to municipal politics. 

NDP MPs past and present mull bids for Vancouver mayoral election

Over the weekend, former NDP MP Libby Davies and current NDP MP Don Davies – not related – both said they are talking to a wide range of people about how best to unite the centre-left and left-wing vote ... Both say they're considering running because Vancouver is in serious trouble, with out-of-control housing costs and a sense that the city is failing residents.

Mr. Davies, a 55-year-old labour lawyer who has represented Vancouver-Kingsway since 2008, said his team is exploring options on whether to run independently or with a party.


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Libby would be great-the first mayor from the Downtown Eastside.

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Libby Davies was a councillor during the glory days of COPE when it was both progressive and practical.  However even then Harry Rankin (the definitive fellow travellor) who always topped the polls as a councillor never was a serious candidate for Mayor. Libby Davies likewise would not have the citywide support.