NDP out fundraises Liberals in third quarter

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NDP out fundraises Liberals in third quarter


Hopefully this continues, still along way to the Tories though. Still its a good start.

I hope Alice is right and we beat the Liberal's fundraising for the year by December.


Thanks, that's great news.


The NDP gets $6,762,711 from the voter subsidy this year.

The Liberals get $4,174,762.50 from the prevoter subsidy

Add $5,200,412 from fundraising to the NDP.

Add 5,580,627 from fundraising to the Liberals.

The NDP will have a total of $11,963,123 plus third quarter fundraising gained.

$9,755,389 plus third quarter fundraising is what the Liberals will have in comparison.

That's $2,207,733 advantage to the NDP. That's not counting that the Liberals spend way more then the NDP. That's also not counting secondary income like interest which the NDP gets more of ass well. And of course that doesn't count third quarter fundraising. I could see the NDP with 13 to 16 millions income for 2012, not bad given last year was an election.

Actually that's not including election reimburement for 2011, if the NDP got that this year were talking more around 23 to 26 million income this year.