NDP private members Bill C-398 is a very bad idea

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NDP private members Bill C-398 is a very bad idea

Bill C-398 - *An Act to Amend the Patent Act*, an NDP private members bill sponsored by NDP members Hélène Laverdière, is currently before the House.

An "organization" called the Grandmothers Advocacy Network or 'GRAN' has a petition campaign underway. No less than 11 MP's have presented petitions to the House that were sponsored by GRAN.  At least 40 more are expected in the days to come.

GRAN is NOT the Stephen Lewis Foundation or the Grandmothers-To-Grandmothers Campaign, though GRAN makes liberal use of their goodwill and resources.

GRAN has a single item agenda: the passage of Bill C-398, which will weaken Canada's current law for compulsory licensing of patented drugs for humanitarian purposes, also known as Canada's Access to Medicine Regime (CAMR).

GRAN is not an organization of caring grandmothers and volunteers. It's a slick lobby campaign promoting noble goals and lofty intentions, wrapped in motherhood and apple pie, and a very crafty way to develop a world (black?) market for cheap, legal, copycat drugs from Canada.

Apotex, owned by Barry Sherman, one of Canada's richest men, stands to profit from the passage of Bill C-398. The current laws, known as CAMR has worked once already, without undue government delay. Apotex still whined about it. Now secret agents like GRAN have been deployed to advance the cause. 

Billionaire Sherman - CEO of ApotexI find it so offensive that billionaires like Daryl Katz and Barry Sherman have a hand in writing the laws of Canada.

Amending Canada's Patent laws (again) is no way to help Africa or fight AIDS, even if does not cost Canada a dime.

It's time to rally against C-398. It has nothing to do with aid and humanity.


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Disappointing to see Craig Scott listed there - he should know better. Frown




Sorry, but I don't get what is wrong with this bill.

I don't really have a problem with cheap legal drugs so long as they are made safely and don't actually impede the development of new drugs. I don't care if a billionare is making money off it (as opposed to even bigger drug companies),  or if a Conservative MP supports it. And it seems to me that what would be more likely to promote a black market is overly high drug prices, not cheap and legal ones.

And really, the market hit we are talking about is the bite Canadian generics have taken out of the U.S. drug companies' markets because of their high prices, no?

Here are some of the other groups supporting this bill:


If there is a reason why this is bad I am into hearing it. But I don't see any reason from that blog.

Where's Sineed?


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