Newly Elected Liberal MP Seamus O'Regan Enters Rehab

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Newly Elected Liberal MP Seamus O'Regan Enters Rehab



As per the title of this thread, Seamus O'Regan has just tweeted

I've decided after consultation with family that I can be most effective as a Member of Parliament by adopting an alcohol free lifestyle. To that end, over the holiday break, I have entered a wellness program. I will return to my duties as the Member of Parliament for St. John’s South - Mount Pearl prior to Parliament resuming in January. I will have more to say on this subject later. In the meantime, my family and I ask for privacy. Thank you.


Indeed, I don't think anyone should comment on this further. And I'm not a Liberal.

Ken Burch Ken Burch's picture

I'd like to wish the man the best of luck in this situation.  A lot of us have friends and family who fight this battle every day.


This should be a non-partisan issue. We all know someone who has battled addiction. This thread is a place for us to wish him the best of luck in his recovery.


i don't think it's any of our business to discuss this in anyway or even see a thread on it here. it's his personal business.

all the best to him!

Sean in Ottawa

This may be natiuonal news but it is not politics. Perhaps the thread should have been located in News rather than here where it might attract an ill-placed "political" perspective.

I have a lot of sympathy for anyone battling with alcohol or any other addiction. This includes sugar -- I say this because many people who think they have no addictions are addicted to things that are damaging but are mostly unrecognized as addictions.

Alcohol addiction, as other addicitons, is often a symptom of other issues that can be very hard to deal with even on their own.

To everyone affected by any addiction I wish them the strength they need.