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"Our" Senate at work
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Some "recommendations" from the Senate report:

linkedCBCarticle wrote:

Senate committee recommendations

Among the 25 recommendations from the Senate national security committee:

  • Challenge the ideology of global Islamist fundamentalism.
  • Make it a criminal offence to be a member of a terrorist group.
  • Establish a team of terrorism prosecutors to ensure the laws passed by Parliament are fully enforced.
  • Publish a "no-visit list" identifying ideological radicals and a "wanted terrorist list" for whom a warrant has been issued.
  • Work with the provinces and Muslim communities to investigate options that are available for the training and certification of imams in Canada.
  • The Canadian Security Intelligence Service should investigate the Muslim Brotherhood to determine whether it should be designated a terrorist entity.
  • Prevent foreign funds from entering Canada where such funds, donors or recipients have been linked to radicalization.
  • Consider amending the hate laws to prevent glorification of terrorists and terrorist acts and symbols linked to radicalization.
  • Enable the provinces to protect Canadians who are engaged in the public discourse from vexatious litigation.
  • Work with "at-risk communities," especially women, and support parents who report radicalization.
  • Work with the provinces to prevent radicalization in areas such as at schools, colleges, universities, prisons.
  • Communicate more clearly with Canadians about the threat and encourage them to anonymously report information by calling the national security tip line at 1-800-420-5805.

(Source: Senate committee on national security and defence)

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Having been closely following the news regarding marriage equality in the United States for the past many months, I am somewhat amazed by the recommendation that Muslim clerics somehow need to be managed (trained and certified) while not a peep about the parsons and pastors issuing calls for coercive measures (up to and including death) against the LGBT communities in the republic to the south of us. While I realize that not all "Christians" are like that, there are certainly a hell of a lot of them being quoted these days on the LGBT corners of the internet - perhaps the worthies in the Senate need larger research budgets to explore the extent of "religious" hate speech. Perhaps they fully intend to ban a large number of anti-LGBT Christian clerics from entering the true north... but somehow I don't think so.


The committee's 25 recommendations flow from nine months of hearings on security threats facing Canada. 

The Conservative Senators would have written an identical report nine months ago.


Its time to start calling the conservatives anti-terrorism on what it really is, racist policies targeting one group.


We've heard from CSIS and other organizations that right wing extremists post as much or more of a risk of terrorism as Muslim, yet Harper's cronies only target and announce actions aimed at Muslims.


That's just plain racism.


Mulcair has stated this publicy, its time to rais this issue every time the conservatives talk 'terrorism'.

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@gzap - indeed it is very clearly directed at one group, and one group alone. No mention of the JDL (even though they were in the news a couple of months back threatening to establish a chapter in Calgary) even though they are formally considered a terrorist group in both the United States and France (should rabbis be trained and certified by the Canadian state as well?), nor any mention of the plethora of far-right Christian groups designated as hate groups by the SPLC, nor, for that matter, any mention of the rabidly anti-Muslim 969 Buddhists. If this is what sober second thought is supposed to look like, I would hate to see these wingnuts after they have been drinking.


Don't even bother withe CBC I had an entire thread "content disabled" after it passed mods and had 55 likes.

"More fear and bigotry from the useless con senate. Abolish this dinosaur, this only proves it's an arm of the same party politics. No reform will ever change party held views. It isn't democratic, it isn't sober second thought, it is 100 million wasted on friends of past and present pms that act as parrots to their party rhetoric."

Nothing in there is aginst CBC policy and yet the mods are just rediculious there.

ETA that no one even knows why some things are open completely, some are pre moderated and other are just closed right off the bat. Many items you would want to talk about because they are very significant and yet just a blurb from AP or CP


bagkitty wrote:
indeed it is very clearly directed at one group, and one group alone.


Consider amending the hate laws to prevent glorification of terrorists and terrorist acts and symbols linked to radicalization.


Yikes.  I better get rid of that black flag avatar I have attached to my account over at enmasse.

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Good.Now we can ban right wing ideologues from Canada.