Parliament's not so Cuddly Puppets

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Parliament's not so Cuddly Puppets
Rev Pesky

From the above posted article:

Trudeau, suffered his usual foot-in mouth affliction by referring to the UN effort, involving a 120 countries, to put a stop to nuclear weapons as “sort of useless.” He says so at a time when we are well into Cold War ll, the prospect of nuclear war between the US, Russia and China looms large, and the world has now lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation for 70+ years.  He also ignores the fact his good buddy Obama signed legislation for the US to undertake a trillion dollar renewal of its nuclear arsenal.  So future generations are also condemned to living under the threat.

The author first castigates Trudeau for saying the UN effort to stop nuclear weapons is 'sort of useless', then uses the rest of the paragraph to detail how useless it really is.

​Ya gotta make up your mind. Either the effort is not useless, and in fact is bearing fruit, or it is useless, and future generations are still going to be living under nuclear threat (in which case calling it 'sort of useless' is correct).