Tories using CIDA website to attack NDP

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Tories using CIDA website to attack NDP

Well it appears that the Tories have crossed yet another line.

In response to a MP Hélène Laverdière’s December blog post in the Huff Post, somebody at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) decided to post the Huff Post response by Julian Fantino, Minister of International Cooperation, directly on the CIDA website. There was also another partisan post on the CIDA website attacking the Liberals that stated “Liberals make promises,
Conservatives get results - Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)”.

The whole CIDA website seems to be down as of this evening but some people were quick enough to grab screen captures. The CIDA Twitter account says that “Messages were posted on #CIDA`s
website by mistake. They have been removed.”

Thomas Mulcair has just blasted Fantino for this innappropriate use of a government agecy website.

A mistake, eh? “Oops! I accidentally copied, pasted and reformatted AND translated into French this
Huff Post letter and then uploaded it to the CIDA website!” Don’t you just hate it when that happens!

Issues Pages: 

radiorahim also caught screen captures on PDF.

If you want to see the articles that were posted on the website, you can find them in the publications where they were originally published.

The article attacking the Liberals was originally published in the National Post here:

The article attacking the NDP was originally published in Huffington Post here:


Catchfire Catchfire's picture

I saw this on Kady O'Malley's twitter feed earlier. She called it "pretty strident." I'd say that's rather an understatement.

Fucking Fantino. amirite?


Well it is the "Harper Government" - what do you expect? Surprised

kropotkin1951 kropotkin1951's picture

This is almost as outrageous as the manner in which they are using CIDA to attack people all around the globe.  They are now mandated to work hand in hand with mining companies to ensure "development."

I wonder if any journalists are working on who the person who posted was and whether they have political connections either back to the PMO or to Fantino. One can only hope that sooner or later Sleazy Stevie is going to start wearing this kind of stuff.